Affiliate Marketing: Tips for Success in 2021

Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to make passive income in 2020. With a huge increase in the number of online shoppers from 1.32 billion in 2014 to 2.05 billion in 2020, it is fast becoming clear that the market has gone digital with trends likely to continue to 2021 and beyond.

E-commerce sales were estimated to have been over $690 billion in 2020 and affiliate marketing is a great way for you to tap into this gold mine. However, with an estimated 30 million bloggers worldwide you face stiff competition. This means you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd if you want to make any real cash.

Here are some great tips on how you can optimize your affiliate marketing program, generate traffic to your site, and increase the number of conversions on your site:

Find Your Niche Market

In a world where you can buy almost anything online, it’s hard to make your product stand out. Everyone knows the first rule of business is to find a demand in the market and then satisfy it. Now there are so many people catering to these demands that generic topics aren’t going to generate the traffic you need.

For instance, if your blog is about interior decorating why not take it a step further and focus on lighting and electrical fixtures. Go even deeper and carve a niche for yourself by delving into the ‘smart home’ market. Partner with affiliates who provide IoT and smart home products and services.

By choosing a more unique niche not only do you reduce potential competition, but it also gives you a greater chance to increase the significance of your brand. Remember that supply creates its own demand, so don’t be afraid to specialize.

Look for Quality Affiliates

Now that you’ve chosen your audience, it’s time to pick out your affiliate partners. The first step is to find partners related to your niche. There’s no need to join a car insurance affiliate program if you own a smart home blog.

Another key trick is finding products and services affiliated with your niche. Using our current example, why not market things such as smart home installation services, smart home insurance, and smart home apps. This gives you a wider audience to cater to while still within your niche market.

Other things you should pay attention to when looking for an affiliate program to partner with include:

  • Commission levels offered per product
  • Earning per click
  • Prices of their products and services
  • Whether they offer upsells
  • The quality of their products and services 
  • How much vendor support they offer eg promotional materials 
  • Vendor reputation

Attract Readers to Your Blog

A lot of the information offered by most blogs is either redundant or merely fluff. You should strive to stand out by giving your readers quality, actionable information concerning your particular niche.

Skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are a must-have, but there are other important tricks you can use to ensure your readers get the most out of your content.

These techniques also increase your ranking on search engines and generate more traffic and conversions. Here are a few basic tricks:

  • Leverage “featured snippets” like FAQs and summaries. These help scale your search traffic and summarize info for your readers.
  • Improve your competitor’s articles. Add depth, actionable advice, and meaningful backlinks to their work.
  • Capitalize on keyword research. Not only does this raise your search rankings but also helps in link building.
  • Inlink optimization is very important. This makes your blog easier to navigate and introduces readers to other articles on your blog.
  • Pay attention to your titles tags and meta descriptions. This increases your search engine ranking and gets you more earnings per click.
  • Don’t hesitate to use social media. Social media influencers, promotions, and engaging social media content are great ways to attract visitors using social media.

Improve Your Content

Once you’ve brought in readers, the next step is to keep them. One thing that will increase your conversions significantly is convincing your audience of the importance of the product you offer. To do that you have to connect with them through the content you provide.

Providing quality content isn’t as hard as some people make it sound. It simply involves following a few basic principles every time you craft a post. With time you won’t even notice when you do it anymore. 

Here are a few basic techniques to make your blog content more attractive to your readers:

  • Your blog design should be seamless and attractive. Make it easier for readers to get from point A to point B without too much navigation.
  • Always pay attention to readability. Test the readability of your articles. Aim for a Flesch Score above 60. Likewise, you can also use the Hemingway Editor to test your readability.
  • Stick to simple sentences and short paragraphs. Nobody likes reading confusing sentences. Likewise, most readers are daunted by large blocks of text, keep your paragraphs to 2-3 sentences.
  • Make the text easier to quickly digest. Features like bullet points, compelling headlines, relevant images, and subheadings make your articles much easier to read.
  • Always use your vendor’s promotional material. This makes your job much easier and adds credibility to your content.

Optimizing your affiliate marketing campaign may not be easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. Follow these key tips and you’ll notice a marked increase in the number of average visitors to your site and your conversions.

For more tips, visit our homepage and compare hundreds of affiliate programs and see which affiliate program fits you best.

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