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Changelly is an instant exchange platform that has been on the market since 2015. Having
been in the industry for over six years, they have grown from a small exchange platform to a
whole ecosystem of crypto-adjacent projects. Changelly’s main platform supports over 200
cryptocurrencies and offers users the ability to quickly and easily exchange crypto at great rates and with one of the lowest fees in the industry.
Changelly’s trading platform, Changelly PRO, is a full-featured exchange that packs a whole lot of powerful tools and features underneath a beginner-friendly, easy-to-use interface.
Changelly’s fiat-to-crypto marketplace, Changelly Buy, is the perfect starting point for all people interested in crypto — it supports over 50 different fiat currencies and the most popular payment methods.

Program Overview

Changelly’s affiliate program is not that much different from other similar programs. It gives you tools that can be placed on your website or any other platform. Users can click or otherwise interact with those tools, and you get a commission as a result of that interaction.
However, unlike other crypto services, Changelly gives its affiliates the option to earn a revenue share from fiat-to-crypto transactions alongside crypto-to-crypto ones. Additionally, they offer one of the highest degrees of both tool and campaign customization options on the market.
Changelly’s affiliate dashboard has been designed to be deceptively simple: although it may
look somewhat plain at first glance, it provides everything an affiliate marketer may need. On
your dashboard, you can set up and tweak your tools, see all your stats, get a payout, and so

All of Changelly’s affiliate tools can be divided into two big groups: ones that allow users to
make transactions on your platform and ones that are meant to redirect your audience to
Changelly’s website. The commission you get will depend on the tool you choose.


Changelly’s affiliate program gives its users access to four different tools:
1. Widgets
Widgets are perfect for affiliates that own and/or run crypto-related websites and platforms.
Changelly’s widget will provide your users with an easy and quick way to exchange or buy
crypto at fair rates and with low fees. You can change the color of the widget to fit your platform
2. Banners
Banners are a great option for affiliates that run crypto-related blogs or websites but do not
necessarily need or want to place an exchange widget on their platform. Changelly gives users a bunch of designs to choose from, but you can also request a customized banner if none of the existing options fit your platform.
3. Buttons
Buttons can be used as a more action-oriented alternative to banners or placed in the middle of crypto-related articles. They are small, don’t take up much space, and are more likely to be seen by users.
4. Referral Links

Changelly’s referral links are extremely easy to use — they are a universal tool that can be
placed on pretty much any platform. Links are especially perfect for influencers, seeing as it can be nearly impossible to place other tools on social media platforms.
All of the tools Changelly offers to its affiliates have a minimalistic design that is unlikely to look out of place on any platform, and some tools, like banners, can also be fully customized to look like a native part of one’s website or webpage.
You may also be interested in integrating Changelly API into your website or platform. It is
similar to widgets and performs the same functionality — enabling on-page exchanges.
However, unlike widgets, their API tool is fully customizable and allows only crypto-to-crypto
transactions. It also gives affiliates the opportunity to charge an extra fee on top of the fixed one
of 0.5%.


Changelly’s affiliate program is completely free to join — you only need to create an account to start earning. Once you place one (or more) affiliate tools on your platform, you will be able to begin making a profit right away.

You will get approximately 0.125% of your referees’ total crypto-to-crypto transaction turnover and 2% of their total fiat-to-crypto transaction turnover — forever.
Their rates are negotiable — you can contact for more details.

Widgets offer a slightly higher commission. When using a widget, you will be able to get up to 50% of Changelly’s revenue from each transaction, depending on your traffic volume.
Start Earning in Just 3 Easy Steps
Changelly’s USP has always been its focus on delivering a hassle-free and beginner-friendly
experience, so it’s no surprise that they specifically designed their affiliate program to be just as easy to use as the rest of their services.
Here’s how you can start making money as Changelly’s affiliate:
1. Create an account on their website.
2. Enter your affiliate dashboard and choose one of the available tools.
3. Place the tool of your choice on your platform.
Of course, this is just the starting point — if you truly want to boost your profit, you will have to research the tools they offer and pick one or several that will allow you to make the most out of your platform and audience. Each option has its own benefits and caveats — some are better for audiences that do not like intrusive ads, while others are great at attracting attention even on the busiest webpage. If you ever need any advice on which tool to use, do not hesitate to contact Changelly via
Withdrawals are easy to make and start from 100 USD. There are two different payout models:
● Crypto-to-crypto (C2C) revenue share is paid in either ETH or BTC.
● Fiat-to-crypto (F2C) revenue share is paid in USDT20.


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50% trading fees

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