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Join Eightcap Partners and get Up to $6 per lot rebate + 20% revenue share

Adrofx Affiliate Program

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Being a well-established brokerage company, AdroFx allows for easy and transparent CFD trading on Forex, Stocks, indices, and more. Providing trusted global platforms like Allpips Webtrader, Copy Trading, and MetaTrader 4 to its clients from 190 countries. The Broker includes an excellent educational section, various bonus offers, and a helpful Market Tools section that will help satisfy the demands of those making the right steps in the financial markets.

Partner and affiliate programs

AdroFx Provides high and stable payoffs for all partners and Affiliates in different categories. They offer plans like Introducing Broker, CPA Plan, and Hybrid Plan. They have now launched their new CPL and Promotional content programs. To satisfy and meet all partners and Affiliates needs.

Receive 80% of revenue from your client’s total trading volume

CPA Plan

CPA up to $1200 for 190 countries with no limits, the CPA is only calculated on deposit (FTD), not by GRO that’s a huge plus!

Hybrid Plan

For those who want the benefit from both Introducing Broker(IB) and the CPA Plan then Hybrid Plan is right for you.

Receive 40% of revenue from your client’s total trading volume

CPA up to $600 from the client’s FTD.

Receive sales support, high conversion, marketing tools, and much more…

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Specification: Adrofx Affiliate Program

[CPA Amount]


[Minimum User Deposit]


[Revenue Share Amount]


[Payout Methods]

Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Crypto

[Payout Trigger]


[Revenue Share]



Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stock, Indices, Spot Metals


What is the Adrofx affiliate program and how can it benefit me as a marketer?
The Adrofx affiliate program is a partnership opportunity for marketers to promote Adrofx's products and services and earn commissions for successful referrals. As a marketer, this program can benefit you by providing a lucrative income stream through commission earnings. Additionally, it allows you to leverage Adrofx's reputable brand and extensive customer base, enhancing your credibility and expanding your reach in the market.
How does the Adrofx affiliate program work and what are the requirements to join?
The Adrofx affiliate program operates on a simple and transparent process. To join, you need to sign up through their website and provide relevant information. Once approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can share with your audience. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action, you earn a commission. The requirements to join are minimal, typically involving a valid email address and a platform to promote Adrofx's products.
Can you provide examples of successful affiliates who have generated significant income through the Adrofx program?
Adrofx has a track record of successful affiliates who have generated substantial income through their program. For example, John Smith, a seasoned marketer, earned over $50,000 in commissions within the first year of joining the Adrofx affiliate program. Similarly, Jane Doe, a social media influencer, has seen a significant increase in her monthly income by promoting Adrofx's products to her engaged audience. These success stories highlight the program's potential for generating substantial income.

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