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Best VPN Affiliate Programs


Compare the best affiliate programs from all the best VPN and cyber security companies

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1 iTop VPN

iTop VPN

iTop VPN secures your internet traffic with military-grade encryption and ensures your real IP stays hidden from hackers and trackers. With over 1800 servers and over 100 virtual locations in countries like Brazil, Russia, India, Philippines, iTop ...
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2 ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service founded in 2009 and registered in the British Virgin Islands. The software is marketed as a privacy and security tool that encrypts users’ web traffic and masks their IP addresses. It is one of the ...
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3 TorGuard


Offering Business and personal VPN's, TorGuard is a German-based VPN provider. Their service allows you to access features such as "Unlimited Bandwidth", "Connection Allowed" and more. TorGuard affiliate program offers 30% CPA for new sign-ups, ...
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4 TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a Canada based VPN , founded in 2011. They pride themselves on strong encryption and their multiple devices service. TunnelBear offers a Free subscription up to a 500MB of secure browsing. Recently TunnelBear launch their affiliate ...
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5 SaferVPN


SaferVPN has been on a mission to bring more privacy and protection to both business and personal internet browsing. Their VPN runs on a range of operating systems including windows and iOS. SaferVPN runs on a subscription model with users able to ...
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6 VirtualShield


VirtualShield offers an "easy to use" VPN service. VirtualSheild offers its VPN in several apps and extensions, including Chrome, Firefox, and Apple IOS. Although not currently a market leader in this industry there have recently launched an ...
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7 IP Vanish

IP Vanish

IP Vanish is an American end-to-end VPN service that allows it's users to connect virtually to over 75 different locations. They run their affiliate program through CJ affiliate and offer a 100% CPA which is one of the highest in the industries ...
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8 ZenMate


ZenMate is a Virtual Private Network software offering anonymous VPN's for over 45 million users. They have over 78 global server locations and a strict no-log policy. They run their affiliate program through CJ affiliates and offer a 100% CPA ...
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9 RapidVPN


RapidVPN was founded in 2007 and has become a well established name in the virtual private network (VPN) industry. They run their own affiliate program and offer a tiered system for calculating CPA: Level 1: $1-$20= 30% per sale Level 2: ...
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10 StrongVPN


StrongVPN is a high speed end-to-end private virtual network started in California in 1994. Like many of the other VPN providers, they run their own affiliate program so you'll have to sign up through their website. Whilst they offer 200% CPA, it ...
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11 Panda Security

Panda Security

Founded in 1998 and now with over 30 million users, Panda Security has grown to become a major player in the VPN industry. They offer both business and personal support. In 2020 Panda Security was acquired by WatchGuard Technologies. A bit part ...
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12 VPN.ac


VPN.ac now offers its VPN service in over 20 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 2012 by two Romanian friends. They currently offer their VPN service for a monthly subscription of $9 per month. VPN.ac currently offers a CPA affiliate ...
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13 NordVPN


Founded in 2012, NordVPN now has over 5000 servers and operates in 59 countries worldwide. NordVPN offers a range of services including VPN Apps, Desktops VPN, and Business VPN. NordVPN offers a subscription model which can starts from as little as ...
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14 Avast VPN

Avast VPN

One of the oldest companies on our directories is Avast, the software company that was founded in 1988. Later down the line, Avast launched its VPN service. Avast has a wealth of experience and knowledge on online security. They are running their ...
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15 AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies

Now a subsidiary of Avast, AVG Technologies is a software giant in its own right. Found in 1981 AVG started as an antivirus software company. It now offers a range of services including a VPN aimed at consumers and businesses. In 2009 AVG ...
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16 SurfShark


Founded in 2018, Surfshark VPN has seen tremendous growth in the past few years becoming a top name in the VPN space. Surfshark now boasts over 3200+ servers in 100 countries with a an industry leading 30 day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer ...
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17 SurfEasy


SurfEasy is a Canadian based company, founded in 2011. SurfEasy offers a personal VPN service. Their features include no-log network, one click IP hiding, and much more. SurfEasy has a subscription model starting at $5.99 per month. SurfEasy's ...
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18 Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Founded in 2009, Private Internet Access is a virtual private network (VPN) service. Since 2009 they have built up a great reputation and have become one of the market leaders. Their service allows you to hide your IP, browse anonymously, public ...
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19 KeepSolid VPN

KeepSolid VPN

KeepSolid Has temporarily stopped, more updates coming soon. KeepSolid VPN is an end-to-end personal private network developed by KeepSolid Ink. Its program offers privacy and security online. The brand was awarded the PCMag Editors’ Choice in ...
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20 PureVPN


Founded in 2007 PureVPN is a virtual private service, Now in 2021 they have over 6,000 services and operate in 140 countries. PureVPN allows you to use features such as Internet Kill Switch, Loggless VPN, and more. In 2009 PureVPN introduced ...
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21 Hide.Me


Hide.Me first came onto the scene in 2012 and is now the "World's Fastest VPN". They pride themselves on Digital Privacy, Advanced Security, and Global VPN access. They offer their service in 70 locations across the globe. Recently to maintain ...
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22 CyberGhost


Founded in 2011 CyberGhost has become well established in the VPN industry. Their VPN works on a range of devices including Smart TVs and even Playstations. Over the past 10 year, CyberGhost has grown their services and now have over 6000 VPN ...
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23 FastestVPN


FastestVPN was launched in 2016 and is now a well known brand in the VPN industry. They ensure that every device you own stays protected. They currently have services in over 40 countries including, UK, United States, South Korea, and much more. ...
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24 VyprVPN


Founded in 2009 VyprVPN now has over 2000 servicers and operates in over 45 countries worldwide. IP Address Protection, NAT Firewall, and much more are included in their VPN features. As part of their marketing strategy, they have introduced a ...
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25 PrivadoVPN


PrivadoVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN service that offers both a free and premium VPN. They promise ultimate privacy and security and have gained a reputation for being a high-rated zero-log VPN service. With its lightweight and reasonably robust ...
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26 Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass

Founded in 2005 Hide My Ass, offers its VPN service for personal and businesses. Within their VPN they offer features such as Automatic Connection Rules, Advanced Leak Protection, and much more. Hide My Ass now runs a direct affiliate program, ...
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27 F-Secure


F-Secure is a cybersecurity company founded in 1988. They offer several services including cloud protection, online scanner and VPNs, for both homes and businesses. Their cheapest subscription is £2 per month to cover 3 devices. They run their ...
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