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Best Fitness Affiliate Programs


Discover the best fitness affiliate programs, including crossfit affiliates, health and fitness affiliate programs, and fitness affiliate marketing opportunities. Explore an extensive range of affiliate options from leading fitness clothing, gym brands, and fitness equipment providers. Our curated list showcases the best affiliate programs in the health and fitness industry, enabling you to earn lucrative commissions while promoting quality products. Quickly compare hundreds of trading affiliate programs and find the perfect fit for you. Start monetising your passion for fitness and turn your website into a profit-generating platform today!

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1 Ryderwear Logo

Ryderwear Affiliate Program

Ryderwear is a fitness apparel brand that specialises in providing high-quality, stylish, and functional gym wear for both men and women. With a strong focus on innovation and performance, Ryderwear offers a wide range of products including workout ...
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2 Puma Affiliate Program

Puma Affiliate Program

Puma are one of the largest brands on The Affiliate Monkey's directory. They were founded in 1948. Now the brand has more than 13,000 employees and operates in over 120 countries. Puma has linked up with the biggest names in sports including Neymar ...
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INNOSUPPS Affiliate Program

INNOSUPPS is a leading health and wellness company dedicated to providing high-quality supplements and nutritional products to support individuals in achieving their fitness goals. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, ...
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4 Rapha Affiliate Program

Rapha Affiliate Program

Founded in 2004, the UK-based cycling brand Rapha, has seen steady growth over the past few years. Rapha offers a range of quality cycling clothing and gear, aim at the avid cyclist. To maintain this growth Rapha now offers a revenue share affiliate ...
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5 Prime Hydration Affiliate Program Logo

Prime Affiliate Program

PRIME is a brand that embodies the extraordinary results that can emerge when rivals come together, not only as business partners but also as brothers. Their mission is clear: to merge the realms of exquisite taste with practicality, creating ...
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6 Pure Gym Affiliate Program

Pure Gym Affiliate Program

The low cost flexible membership gym, PureGym is now one of the fastest growing gym groups in the UK. The gym is now in many major cities often targeting students and young professionals. The affiliate program offers affiliate a £1 monthly ...
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7 Hussle Affiliate Program

Hussle Affiliate Program

Founded in 2010 by two friends, Hussle is the first online marketplace for Gyms. The platform allows users to "find a gym near you", displays both daily and weekly passes, in a user friendly display. Hussle does not own any gyms but partners with a ...
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8 FitTrack Affiliate Program

FitTrack Affiliate Program

FitTrack has blended health and technology. FitTrack has created a modern health management system. The app and watch gives you access to over 17 unique metrics. With over 500,00 users FitTrack is a rapidly growing brand. The brand introduced its ...
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9 fiit Affiliate Program

fiit Affiliate Program

Founded in 2017, Fiit is another brand that has entered the home fitness industry. Fiit is a subscription based company, offering training plans, demand classes, and more. There are hundreds of classes on the platform whether you want to lose weight ...
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10 Bodybuilding.com Affiliate Program

Bodybuilding.com Affiliate Program

Bodybuilding was founded in 1999. They offer a range of products including protein, Vitamins, and now even clothing. Bodybuilding now offers an app that will allow you to create a free fitness plan. Their affiliate program would be ideal for gym ...
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11 Best Gym Equipment Affiliate Program

Best Gym Equipment Affiliate Program

Best Gym Equipment is an e-commerce site that offers a wide range of fitness and gym equipment. The site is a one stop shop for all types of equipment from gym matts to treadmills. It is now one of the fastest-growing gym e-commerce sites in the UK, ...
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12 New Balance Affiliate Program

New Balance Affiliate Program

Founded in 1906, New Balance is one of the oldest brands in our directory. The US brand started and still specializes in footwear. New Balance makes more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year. New Balance now offers an affiliate ...
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13 Onnit logo

Onnit Affiliate Program

Onnit is a leading health and wellness company dedicated to providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to optimise their physical and mental performance. With a focus on total human optimisation, Onnit offers a wide range of ...
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14 G Fuel Affiliate Program

G Fuel Affiliate Program

G Fuel sells caffeinated drink formula targeted at gamers that supposedly boosts concentration and reaction time. It achieves this by having a reduced level of sugar, which they claim removes the 'crash' often associated with high sugar drinks. ...
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15 TRX Training logo

TRX Training Affiliate Program

TRX Affiliate Program is a leading company in the fitness industry, specializing in the production and distribution of high-quality TRX training equipment. With a strong commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, TRX Affiliate ...
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16 Garmin Affiliate Program

Garmin Affiliate Program

Founded in 1996 Garmin was one of the first wearable fitness brands. They have a number of products that are targeted at the "outdoor and sports'' market. In 2006 Garmin launched their affiliate program, with a simple revenue share model of 2%. See ...
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17 Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit Affiliate Program

Founded in 2007, Fitbit has quickly become one of the most well known brands in "wearable" fitness. Their mission was to inspire healthier living while designing something seamless and fashionable. Their flagship product allows you to smartly track, ...
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18 GNC Logo

GNC Affiliate Program

GNC Affiliate Program is a leading affiliate marketing program that partners with GNC, a renowned global brand in the health and wellness industry. With a strong reputation for providing high-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, and sports ...
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19 PTT Outdoor Affiliate Program

PTT Outdoor Affiliate Program

Founded in 2015, PPT Outdoor is a well known outdoor equipment provider. PPT Outdoor website offers a range of products including, hiking bags, camping tents, and much more. PPT Outdoor runs their affiliate program direct offering a 10% revenue ...
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Best Fitness Affiliate Programs FAQ'S

A CrossFit affiliate program is a partnership arrangement between CrossFit, Inc. and a fitness professional and or gym owner. It allows them to affiliate with the CrossFit brand and operate as an official CrossFit gym. They can use the CrossFit name, offer CrossFit classes, and participate in CrossFit events. In return, affiliates pay an annual fee and adhere to CrossFit’s standards and guidelines. The program allows individuals to associate themselves with the globally recognised CrossFit brand and benefit from its established reputation in the fitness industry.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the best fitness affiliate program. The mistake a lot of beginners make is looking at only one factor, commission. Taking your time in picking the correct affiliate program for your content is vital. Not doing your due diligence can cost you later down the line. Here at theaffiliatemonkey we believe there is a handful of factors to look at when picking a fitness affiliate program: Cookie life span, commission, payout currency and payout triggers.

Joining a health and fitness affiliate program offers several benefits. It allows you to capitalise on your health and fitness-related content by earning commissions for referring customers to relevant products or services. It provides access to a wide range of high-quality health and fitness products, expanding your earning potential. Affiliate programs often also offer marketing resources, such as banners and promotional materials, to support your promotional efforts.

Yes, Nike does offer an affiliate program. They have an official affiliate program called Nike Affiliate Program, which allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting Nike products and driving sales through their referral links. Interested parties can apply to join the program through Nike’s official website and start earning commissions for successful referrals.

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