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DifMark Affiliate Program

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Difmark is an online peer-to-peer marketplace designed for gamers, offering a platform where users can buy and sell various in-game assets such as game accounts, virtual currency for MMOs, boosting services, and other related products directly. One key advantage of Difmark is that it eliminates the need for additional commission fees and intermediaries in the trading process.

The platform, which has gained popularity over the past few years, boasts a regularly updated catalog of game-related items and services that operate smoothly. Difmark is viewed as an international community established by gamers, for gamers, creating an environment for enthusiasts to both enjoy their favorite games and potentially earn money through them.

Difmark also offers a generous affiliate program that allows individuals to become partners of the platform. Affiliates can invite friends or clients to use Difmark’s services, and these individuals become their referrals when they register using the affiliate’s personal link. The initial purchase made by these referrals earns the affiliate a 5% commission on the total order amount, and they continue to receive a 5% commission on each subsequent purchase made by their referrals. This presents an opportunity for affiliates to earn 10% from the first purchase and 5% from all subsequent purchases made by their referred users.

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What is the DifMark Affiliate Program?
The DifMark Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity that allows individuals to earn commissions by promoting and referring customers to DifMark, an online gaming marketplace.
What is unique about the DifMark Affiliate Program?
The DifMark Affiliate Program stands out due to its focus on the gaming industry. It provides affiliates with a wide range of gaming products and services to promote, ensuring a targeted audience and higher conversion rates.
How do I join the DifMark Affiliate Program?
To join the DifMark Affiliate Program, visit their official website at difmark.com/en and look for the "Affiliate Program" section. Follow the instructions provided to sign up and start promoting their gaming products and services.
How often are commissions paid out in the DifMark Affiliate Program?
The frequency of commission payouts may vary depending on the program's policies. Typically, commissions are paid out on a regular basis, such as monthly or bi-monthly. Affiliates should refer to the program's terms and conditions for specific details regarding payout schedules.
How are sales and referrals tracked in the DifMark Affiliate Program?
DifMark utilises advanced tracking technology to monitor sales and referrals made by affiliates. Each affiliate is assigned a unique tracking link or code, which allows the program to accurately attribute sales and commissions to the respective affiliate.
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