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CDBAffs Affiliate Program

CDBAffs Affiliate Program

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With a track record spanning over 15 years, this affiliate marketing powerhouse is recognized as a trusted and well-established leader in the field. From its inception, the company has been fueled by a relentless commitment to fostering smart growth for its partners.

Drawing talent from around the globe, the diverse team brings a wealth of perspectives and skills, driving continuous innovation in an industry that demands a global outlook.

This company excels in facilitating transparent, high-yield performance marketing campaigns, seamlessly connecting affiliates and advertisers. They provide the essential tools, networks, and expertise required for success, with unwavering dedication to trust and transparency, two pillars essential for enduring prosperity in their industry.

Comprising a youthful and dynamic workforce, their team boasts accomplished marketers, creative designers, and IT experts, a harmonious international ensemble united by their common pursuit of excellence within an inspiring work environment.

They offer competitive commission rates, leveraging their status as the largest affiliate network to secure top deals with their roster of brands. They exclusively partner with top-tier brands, and their payouts mirror this commitment to excellence. In fact, they confidently challenge anyone to find a better commission deal among their partner brands and promise to match it if discovered.

Their payment terms are designed with their affiliates’ financial management in mind. They provide flexible options tailored to different affiliate types, ensuring a smooth and timely payout process.

Their cutting-edge technology and business-focused solutions are custom-made to assist affiliates in optimizing their traffic. By employing intelligent A/B testing and geo-targeting options, they empower affiliates to achieve the highest EPC (Earnings Per Click) and ROI (Return on Investment).

In addition to their competitive offerings, they run a rewarding 2-tier referral program. Affiliates can refer others through their unique referral link and receive a guaranteed 5% share of all earnings generated by their referred affiliates. This additional incentive promotes growth and collaboration within their affiliate network.

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What is the CBDAffs Affiliate Program?
The CBDAffs Affiliate Program is a program offered by CBDAffs, a leading CBD affiliate network. It allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting CBDAffs' products and referring customers to their website.
What commission rates does the CBDAffs Affiliate Program offer?
The CBDAffs Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates, with affiliates earning up to 30% commission on every sale they generate through their referral links.
What is unique about the CBDAffs Affiliate Program?
One unique aspect of the CBDAffs Affiliate Program is its wide range of high-quality CBD products from reputable brands. Affiliates have access to a diverse selection of products to promote, catering to various customer needs and preferences.
What is the CBDAffs cookie lifespan?
The CBDAffs cookie lifespan refers to the duration in which a cookie, containing the affiliate's unique referral information, remains active on a user's device. The CBDAffs program offers a generous cookie lifespan of 90 days, ensuring that affiliates receive credit for sales made within this period.
What is the CBDAffs payout methods?
CBDAffs offers multiple payout methods to accommodate affiliates worldwide. Currently, they provide payouts through PayPal, bank wire transfer, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).
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