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CDBAffs Affiliate Program

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CBDAffs stands as a pioneering force in the affiliate marketing landscape, particularly within the burgeoning CBD industry. As the world’s largest and first dedicated affiliate network for legal cannabis products, CBDAffs has carved out a niche by specializing in providing expansive marketing opportunities for affiliates keen on promoting CBD products. Their platform is designed to maximize the performance and growth of their affiliates by connecting them with high-quality CBD brands and offering superior support and technology.

Program Overview

The CBDAffs affiliate program offers a unique proposition for publishers, bloggers, influencers, and marketers who wish to tap into the lucrative CBD market. Affiliates gain exclusive access to a wide range of offers from some of the most respected brands in the industry. With the promise of high payouts and a dedicated team of affiliate managers, CBDAffs ensures that each affiliate receives the tools and guidance needed to succeed. Their platform boasts cutting-edge technology including a unique API that guarantees accurate tracking from click to purchase, thus eliminating the common problem of lost sales due to tracking errors.

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Program Details and Commission Rates

CBDAffs Affiliate Program excels in negotiating the best commission deals, thanks to its extensive network and close relationships with top CBD brands. They offer high payouts and even promise to match better deals found elsewhere. Affiliates also benefit from a rewarding 2-tier referral program, where they earn a guaranteed 5% cut on all revenue earned by referred affiliates.

Categories and Cookie Duration

The CBDAffs Affiliate Program covers various categories within the CBD sector, from health and wellness products to beauty and therapeutic solutions. They offer a competitive cookie duration of 90 days, ensuring affiliates credit for sales made within this period, even if the purchase is completed on a different device.

How to Become an Affiliate

To join the CBDAffs network, affiliates need to register via the CBDAffs sign-up page. Upon approval, they can start accessing the marketing materials, affiliate links, and all other resources provided to promote the offerings effectively. The platform’s user-friendly dashboard allows for real-time monitoring of stats and performance, enabling affiliates to optimize their strategies continuously.

Tips to Succeed in the CBDAffs Affiliate Program

  1. Utilize the dedicated affiliate managers to gain insights and strategies tailored to your traffic sources and audience.
  2. Leverage the advanced reporting tools to refine your campaigns and increase conversion rates.
  3. Take advantage of the exclusive offers and promotions to keep your content fresh and engaging.
CBDAffs Affiliate Program Info

CBDAffs Affiliate Program Info

CBDAffs Affiliate Program More Info

CBDAffs Affiliate Program More Info

Create Engaging Content Around CBDAffs

Develop comprehensive reviews, educational content, and user guides about the benefits of CBD and how CBDAffs can provide value to your audience. This approach not only informs but also helps in building trust and credibility.

This detailed overview of the CBDAffs affiliate program showcases why it is a leading choice for those looking to capitalize on the CBD market’s potential. With robust support, competitive payouts, and cutting-edge technology, CBDAffs empowers its affiliates to achieve significant success and growth.

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Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire Transfer


What is the CBDAffs Affiliate Program?
The CBDAffs Affiliate Program is a program offered by CBDAffs, a leading CBD affiliate network. It allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting CBDAffs' products and referring customers to their website.
What commission rates does the CBDAffs Affiliate Program offer?
The CBDAffs Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates, with affiliates earning up to 30% commission on every sale they generate through their referral links.
What is unique about the CBDAffs Affiliate Program?
One unique aspect of the CBDAffs Affiliate Program is its wide range of high-quality CBD products from reputable brands. Affiliates have access to a diverse selection of products to promote, catering to various customer needs and preferences.
What is the CBDAffs cookie lifespan?
The CBDAffs cookie lifespan refers to the duration in which a cookie, containing the affiliate's unique referral information, remains active on a user's device. The CBDAffs program offers a generous cookie lifespan of 90 days, ensuring that affiliates receive credit for sales made within this period.
What is the CBDAffs payout methods?
CBDAffs offers multiple payout methods to accommodate affiliates worldwide. Currently, they provide payouts through PayPal, bank wire transfer, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).
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