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Crocs Affiliate Program

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Welcome to the Crocs™ Online Affiliate Program, an opportunity for prospective partners to collaborate with a brand that has transformed the world of footwear. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Niwot, Colorado, Crocs has gained global recognition for its iconic clogs and versatile range of footwear.

The Crocs™ Online Affiliate Program presents an avenue for partners to earn commission by directing visitors from their websites to Crocs.com. In doing so, partners not only generate revenue but also enhance the value of their own websites for their audiences.

Participation in this program is cost-free, with no application fees or sales quotas. Partners can earn a commission rate of six percent (6%) per transaction, offering a profitable opportunity. Additionally, the program incorporates cookie tracking, ensuring commissions on all sales for thirty (30) days after an initial visit, allowing for earnings from repeat customers. Crocs.com takes charge of order fulfillment and customer service, affording partners the liberty to focus on growing their websites and developing traffic.

The affiliate program at Crocs.com is open to all website owners, irrespective of size or purpose, be it commercial or non-profit. While being inclusive, there are guidelines in place, with the brand reserving the right to decline applicants with content that contravenes their standards, such as explicit material or intellectual property rights infringement.

Becoming a Crocs.com affiliate is a straightforward process. Prospective partners need to read the affiliate agreement, complete the online application, and await approval. Upon acceptance, access is granted to a diverse array of promotional tools, including banners, buttons, and text links.

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What is the Crocs™ Online Affiliate Program?
The Crocs™ Online Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity for website owners to collaborate with the renowned footwear brand, Crocs, and earn commissions by directing visitors from their sites to Crocs.com.
How do I earn through the Crocs Affiliate Program?
You earn by directing visitors from your website to Crocs.com. When a purchase is made through your referral link, you receive a commission on the sale.
What is the commission rate for affiliates?
Affiliates earn a commission rate of six percent (6%) per transaction
How long does the affiliate cookie tracking last?
The tracking cookie remains active for thirty (30) days after the initial visit.
Is there any cost associated with joining the program?
No, it's entirely free to join the Crocs Affiliate Program, and there are no application fees or minimum sales requirements.
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