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Performance Lab Affiliate Program

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Performance Lab is a brand that specialises in creating dietary supplements designed to enhance various aspects of human performance, including physical and mental well-being. Their products are formulated to support aspects such as energy, cognition, sleep, and overall health. These supplements are intended for individuals who want to optimise their performance, whether it’s in athletics, cognitive tasks, or simply maintaining general health.

Performance Lab is known for its use of high-quality and well-researched ingredients in their products. They often focus on natural and safe compounds that have shown potential benefits in scientific studies. Some of their popular products include supplements for energy, sleep, brain health, and immune support. They may use innovative delivery systems such as NutriCaps® and NutriGels® to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of their formulations.

Performance Lab® is currently welcoming inquiries from well-established affiliates interested in promoting their cutting-edge, top-quality dietary supplements. Partnerships with Performance Lab® offer several advantages:

  1. Impressive Earnings Per Click (EPCs): Affiliates can expect to earn competitive commissions per click, making it a lucrative opportunity for those in the affiliate marketing space.
  2. Significant Reorder Rates: Performance Lab® products have garnered a high rate of repeat orders, providing affiliates with a steady and reliable income stream.
  3. Generous Rewards for Experienced Affiliates: Seasoned affiliates stand to gain a substantial share of the profits, making it an attractive prospect for those with a proven track record in the field.

What sets Performance Lab® apart is its industry-leading cookie duration, which stands at an impressive 12 months—unmatched by any other supplement affiliate program reviewed here. This extended cookie duration ensures that affiliates can continue to earn commissions for an entire year from each referred customer.

The registration process for Performance Lab’s affiliate program is straightforward and convenient, involving a simple online form. Upon registration, affiliates receive a unique affiliate ID and gain access to a dedicated affiliate dashboard for easy tracking and management of their affiliate activities.

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What is the Performance Lab Affiliate Program?
The Performance Lab Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity offered by Performance Lab, a leading provider of high-quality supplements. It allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting Performance Lab products on their websites or through other marketing channels.
What commission rates does the Performance Lab Affiliate Program offer?
The Performance Lab Affiliate Program offers a competitive commission rate of up to 30% on all referred sales. The commission rate may vary based on the performance and sales volume of the affiliate.
What is unique about the Performance Lab Affiliate Program?
One unique aspect of the Performance Lab Affiliate Program is its focus on high-quality, science-backed supplements. Performance Lab products are designed to deliver superior results, making them highly appealing to health-conscious consumers. Additionally, the program provides affiliates with extensive marketing resources and support to maximize their earning potential.
What is the Performance Lab cookie lifespan?
The Performance Lab cookie lifespan is 365 days. When a visitor clicks on an affiliate's referral link and makes a purchase within 30 days, the affiliate will be credited with the sale and earn a commission.
What are the payout methods offered by the Performance Lab Affiliate Program?
The Performance Lab Affiliate Program offers multiple payout methods, including PayPal and bank wire transfer. Affiliates can choose their preferred method during the registration process.

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Performance Lab Affiliate Program
Performance Lab Affiliate Program
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