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Join Eightcap Partners and get Up to $6 per lot rebate + 20% revenue share

Affiliate Commission Estimate

Welcome to The Affiliate Monkey’s Commission Estimator

Welcome to The Affiliate Monkey’s Commission Estimator, your trusted companion on this thrilling affiliate marketing journey.

Affiliate Commission Estimate Tool
Affiliate Commission Estimate Tool

How Our Tool Guides You to Success

Let’s dive into a real example from our website, The Affiliate Monkey, showcasing the Forex affiliate program sector. Imagine you’re a financial blogger with a keen interest in trading and you’ve joined our affiliate program with Exness, a renowned Forex trading platform.

  1. Monthly Traffic Estimate (0 to 50,000): You estimate that your financial blog attracts around 25,000 monthly visitors who are eager to learn about trading strategies and financial markets.
  2. Estimated Click-Through Rate (%): With your informative content, you expect a click-through rate of 3%, as your audience seeks insights into Forex trading.
  3. Commission per Sale (%): Exness offers a competitive 20% commission for every trader who signs up and starts trading through your affiliate links.

Calculating Your Earnings Potential

Now, let’s see how The Affiliate Monkey’s Commission Estimator helps you:

  • With 25,000 monthly visitors and a 3% click-through rate, that’s 750 potential clicks on your affiliate links each month.
  • If 5% of those clicks convert into traders through Exness, you’ll earn commissions on 37.5 traders (rounded to the nearest whole number).
  • For every trader, you’ll receive a generous 20% commission, and if the average trader generates £200 in commissions for you, your earnings per trader will be £40.
  • Therefore, your estimated monthly earnings from this Forex affiliate program would be £40 x 37.5 traders = £1,500.

Why Trust The Affiliate Monkey?

The Affiliate Monkey offers a variety of affiliate programs across different sectors, including Forex trading. Our Commission Estimator provides:

  • Tailored Insights: Personalised estimates to guide your affiliate marketing strategy for Exness or any other program within the Forex affiliate sector.
  • Optimisation Opportunity: Fine-tune your content and promotional strategies based on the estimated earnings specific to your chosen sector.
  • Comparison Capabilities: Effortlessly compare Exness with other affiliate programs to discover the most lucrative avenues for your affiliate marketing efforts within the Forex sector.

Key Considerations

  • While our tool provides valuable estimates, remember that your actual results may vary based on the quality and relevance of your content and affiliate products.
  • Explore different affiliate programs within the Forex sector and across various sectors on The Affiliate Monkey to unlock the full earning potential of your website.

In a world as dynamic as affiliate marketing, The Affiliate Monkey’s Commission Estimator is your compass. It empowers you to navigate through a variety of opportunities, from Forex trading to other sectors. Swing towards the ripe fruits of success by starting to estimate your earnings now with The Affiliate Monkey’s Commission Estimator.

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