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Dior Affiliate Program

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The Christian Dior SE, or simply Dior (usually referred to as DIOR), is a French international luxury apparel label owned and run by Bernard Arnault. He is the same French tycoon who is also the chairman and CEO of LVMH. Dior chairs and controls LVMH with a 42.36% stake and 59.01% holding shares.

A Normandy-born French fashion designer, he established the firm in 1946. Christian Dior Couture is known as the “House of Dreams” because of its dedication to strengthening “metiers d’art” and the French culture and tradition upon which it was founded.
To this day, his successors look to him as an example of his unwavering commitment to his vision, which has helped Clients all over the globe feel more attractive.

The brand produces one of the world’s most extraordinary premium fragrance and cosmetics lines. As a household brand in the cosmetics industry, Dior offers a wide range of cosmetics for your face, eyes, lips, and nails. In addition, Dior offers complimentary shipping, gift wrapping, and sample products to its clients.

Signing up for Dior’s affiliate program is simple and completely free, and if you send customers to their site through your referral links, you’ll get a commission on any purchases they make. The software requires little time and effort to set up.

When it comes to promotions and coupons, Dior is one of the most proactive brands. Dior offers 21 e-commerce services to better serve its clients, making it standout above other firms in the designer and luxurious apparel sector. It offers a wide variety of posters, incentives, and items to promote in various affiliate networks allowing you to maximise your revenue. You only need to abide by all affiliate platform policies while promoting the Dior affiliate program.

Dior’s affiliate program is managed on the Sovrn and FlexOffers networks globally. Sovrn has a standard EPC of $0.04, whereas FlexOffers offers a fixed royalty of 8% per transaction and a 10-day cookie window.

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