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easyHotel Affiliate Program

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10/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #21 in category Travel
  • Runs through Awin which is a great network
  • 8% revenue share is high for the industry
  • Little brand awareness (even though it's easy jet)
  • EPC might be low

The easyHotel Affiliate Program offers a rewarding opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions by promoting easyHotel’s accommodations on their websites. This program is tailored for a wide array of publishers, including content sites, incentive sites, voucher code sites, and general shopping portals, with a primary focus on those whose audience aligns closely with easyHotel’s offerings.

Affiliates stand to gain from a competitive commission structure, earning an 8% commission for the total value of bookings made through their site on www.easyhotel.com. Payments are made monthly in pounds sterling, ensuring a steady income stream for successful affiliates. Signing up for the easyHotel Affiliate Program is both easy and free, facilitated through the Affiliate Window. Prospective affiliates can join by following the ‘Become a Publisher’ link, filling out the registration form, and using the code 0631. Upon approval, affiliates can access program ID: 7694, download text links and banners, and start earning by publishing them on their respective websites.

Affiliate Program Sign-Up Page Link

Affiliate Program Details and Commission Rates

  • Commission Rate: 8% of the total booking value
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly
  • Currency: Pounds Sterling

Relevant Program Categories

  • Travel
  • Hotels
  • Accommodations

Cookie Duration

  • The cookie duration for the easyHotel Affiliate Program is not specified, but it is essential to inquire upon registration to maximize potential earnings.

How to Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate with easyHotel is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Affiliate Window website and click on ‘Become a Publisher’.
  2. Complete the registration form and use the code 0631.
  3. Once approved, log in to your Affiliate Window account, search for program ID: 7694, and access the promotional materials provided by easyHotel.
  4. Publish these materials on your website to start generating bookings and earning commissions.

Tips to Succeed in the easyHotel Affiliate Program

  • Target Relevant Audiences: Focus on users interested in travel, hotels, and affordable accommodations.
  • Use Attractive Visuals: Employ high-quality images and banners provided by easyHotel to catch the eye of potential bookers.
  • Content is Key: Create engaging, informative content around easyHotel’s offerings, locations, and promotions.

Create Engaging Content Around easyHotel

Crafting engaging content that highlights the unique value proposition of easyHotel, such as its affordable pricing, convenient locations, and commitment to sustainability, can attract potential customers. Reviews, travel guides featuring easyHotel locations, and tips for budget travelers are excellent content ideas.

See full terms and conditions for easyHotel’s affiliate program here

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Materialised transaction

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What is the EasyHotel Affiliate Program?
The EasyHotel Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity that allows individuals or businesses to earn commission by promoting EasyHotel's accommodations on their website or platform.
What is unique about the EasyHotel Affiliate Program?
The EasyHotel Affiliate Program stands out due to its competitive commission rates, a wide range of promotional materials, and the opportunity to partner with a well-known and trusted hotel brand.
How often are affiliate commissions paid?
Affiliate commissions are typically paid on a monthly basis. However, the exact payment schedule may vary depending on the affiliate program's terms and conditions.
What commission rates does the EasyHotel Affiliate Program offer?
The commission rates offered by the EasyHotel Affiliate Program vary depending on the number of bookings generated through your affiliate link. The more bookings you generate, the higher your commission rate can be.

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