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IG Affiliate Program

IG Affiliate Program

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The IG affiliate program is a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to monetize their online presence through promoting IG’s trading services. While specific statistics and statistics about the program are not readily available, here is a concise review based on general knowledge and user experiences:

The IG affiliate program offers a competitive commission structure, allowing affiliates to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by referred clients. The program provides a range of marketing tools, including banners, widgets, and tracking links, to help affiliates effectively promote IG’s services.

One of the program’s strengths is IG’s reputation as a leading online trading provider, which can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the promoted services. IG offers a wide range of financial instruments, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, catering to a diverse audience of traders.

Affiliates benefit from IG’s strong brand recognition and global presence, as the company operates in multiple countries and has a large customer base. This can potentially lead to higher conversion rates and increased earnings for affiliates.

However, it is important to note that the success of the affiliate program largely depends on the affiliate’s ability to attract and refer qualified traders. The trading industry is highly competitive, and affiliates may face challenges in standing out among other affiliates promoting similar services.

Overall, the IG affiliate program is a reputable option for those interested in earning commissions by promoting IG’s trading services. While specific statistics and statistics about the program are not readily available, the program’s competitive commission structure, marketing tools, and IG’s strong brand reputation make it an attractive choice for potential affiliates.


Monthly bonuses are also available.

See full terms and conditions for IG’s affiliate program here

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Specification: IG Affiliate Program

CPA Amount

$300 $600 $800 $1000

CategoriesBarriers and OptionsCFDForexSpread Betting
Payout Trigger

DC $250 – $399 DC $400 – $799 DC $800 – $999 DC $1,000 and above

Revenue Share


Minimum User Deposit


Payout MethodsBank TransferPayPalSkrill
Revenue Share Amount

CPA Only


How can I find the best IG affiliate programs to join?
To find the best IG affiliate programs, it is important to consider factors such as the commission structure, the quality and relevance of the products or services being promoted, the level of support and resources provided by the affiliate program, and the reputation and track record of the company offering the program. Researching and comparing different programs, reading reviews and testimonials, and seeking recommendations from other affiliates can help in finding the most suitable program.
What are the top IG affiliate programs for beginners in affiliate marketing?
For beginners in affiliate marketing, the top IG affiliate programs include IG's own affiliate program, which offers competitive commission rates and a wide range of marketing materials. Additionally, IG partners with reputable affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate and ShareASale, providing beginners with access to a diverse range of brands and products to promote. These programs often offer comprehensive support and resources to help beginners succeed, including dedicated account managers and educational materials.
What type of publisher do you think the IG affiliate program is best for?
The IG affiliate program is best suited for publishers who have a strong online presence and a targeted audience interested in financial trading and investment. This program is ideal for publishers who specialize in finance, trading, or investment-related content, such as financial news websites, personal finance blogs, or trading education platforms. Additionally, publishers with a large following on social media platforms, particularly those focused on finance and investment, can also benefit from the IG affiliate program. By promoting IG's services and products, publishers can earn commissions for referring their audience to IG's trading platform, making it a lucrative opportunity for publishers with an engaged and interested audience in the financial industry.

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