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Savage Fenty Affiliate Program

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Savage Fenty, established in 2018 by the internationally acclaimed artist and entrepreneur, Rihanna, is a renowned lingerie brand that has captivated a vast and diverse audience. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, the brand’s inclusive approach and body-positive marketing campaigns have garnered widespread acclaim.

The Savage Fenty Affiliate Program presents a good opportunity for affiliate marketers. It offers an impressive 15% commission on the sale price of all products, and there are no minimum sales requirements. Payments are made conveniently through PayPal on a monthly basis.

Joining the program aligns you with a brand that places inclusivity and empowerment at the forefront. Savage Fenty has become a symbol of self-expression, challenging traditional beauty standards and celebrating all body types. Signing up is a straightforward process – visit their affiliate program website through CJ Affiliate, complete the application, and upon approval, receive your unique affiliate link.

While the program boasts several advantages, including a high commission rate and an empowering message, it’s important to be aware of certain limitations. Notably, the program has high traffic requirements and does not offer recurring commissions or tracking cookies, which may pose challenges for some affiliates.

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Specification: Savage Fenty Affiliate Program

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[Payout Methods] PayPal
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What is the commission rate for affiliates in the program?
Affiliates in the Savage Fenty program enjoy a competitive commission rate of 15% on the sale price of all products.
Are there any minimum sales requirements to participate?
No, there are no minimum sales requirements to become an affiliate, making it accessible to both experienced and novice marketers.
How and when are affiliate payments made?
Affiliate payments are made on a monthly basis through PayPal, ensuring a reliable and convenient payout process.
Is there a cookie duration for tracking referrals?
Savage Fenty provides a 30-day cookie duration, ensuring that you receive credit for sales generated within that timeframe.
What sets Savage Fenty apart from other lingerie brands?
Savage Fenty is renowned for its inclusive approach and body-positive marketing campaigns, celebrating diversity and all body types. Founded by Rihanna, the brand's empowering message resonates with a wide and diverse audience.
Savage Fenty Affiliate Program
Savage Fenty Affiliate Program
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