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The Best Suggest Affiliate Program Tool

The suggested affiliate program tool on The Affiliate Monkey website is a valuable resource for affiliate marketers in the UK. It streamlines the process of finding suitable affiliate programs by taking into account two key factors: your chosen promotional channel and the niche or sector of your content. Here’s an overview of its main features:

Suggest Affiliate Program Toolkit
Suggest Affiliate Program Toolkit

1. Select the Channel:

This feature allows you to choose the marketing channel through which you intend to promote affiliate products or services. The available options include TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, email, website, blog, and newsletter. This choice is pivotal because different channels may be more suitable for specific affiliate programs, depending on your target audience and content format.

2. What Sector Are You Creating Content Around:

You are prompted to specify the sector or niche of your content. This involves identifying the topic or category of products or services that your content revolves around. The available sectors include, Crypto, Fashion, Gambling, Travel, Fitness, VPN, SaaS (Software as a Service), Gaming, e-commerce, Forex, and Trading. This selection helps the tool recommend affiliate programs that align with the theme of your content.

How it Works When You Click the “Create Content” Button:

When you click the “Create Content” button after selecting your preferred channel and content sector, the suggested affiliate program tool on The Affiliate Monkey website follows these steps:


The tool analyzes your choices, understanding that you intend to create content related to a specific sector using a particular marketing channel.


Based on the provided information, the tool generates a list of affiliate programs that match your criteria. These programs are relevant to both the selected content sector and the chosen promotional channel.


The recommended affiliate programs are then displayed to you, typically in the form of a list. Each recommendation may include details such as the program’s name, description, commission rates, and a link to join the affiliate program.

For Example, with EightCap Affiliate Program:

Let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer in the UK, focusing on the Forex sector, and you plan to promote Forex products through your blog. Here’s how you can use The Affiliate Monkey’s suggested affiliate program tool:

  1. Select the Channel: Choose “Blog” as your marketing channel since your blog primarily consists of in-depth articles and reviews.
  1. What Sector Are You Creating Content Around: Specify “Forex” as your content sector, indicating that your blog content revolves around Forex topics, including trading and investments.
  1. Click “Create Content“: The tool processes your selections.

The suggested affiliate program tool presents you with a list of relevant affiliate programs, including the “EightCap Affiliate Program.” EightCap offers competitive commission rates for affiliates who refer traders interested in the financial markets. You can review details such as commission structures, and program descriptions, and access links to join the affiliate program directly through The Affiliate Monkey’s platform.

By using this tool, you’ll save time and effort in researching and identifying suitable affiliate programs. It simplifies the process by offering targeted recommendations that align with your content creation strategy and preferences. This can help you make more informed decisions and potentially increase your earnings by promoting products or services that resonate with your UK audience and content style.

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