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Newegg Affiliate Program

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Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG) is a prominent global online retailer headquartered near Los Angeles, California. Established in 2001, it specializes in offering a wide range of products, including PC hardware, consumer electronics, gaming peripherals, home appliances, automotive accessories, and lifestyle technology. Additionally, Newegg provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions, including marketing, supply chain, and technical support, to meet the needs of businesses.

Newegg also runs an affiliate program that allows website owners to join their team without any upfront or ongoing fees. When a customer referred from your website makes a purchase on Newegg, you earn a commission.

Benefits of joining the Newegg affiliate program include:

  • No cost to join, with no startup or maintenance fees.
  • The opportunity to earn commissions for sales generated through your referrals.
  • Collaboration with one of the internet’s most trusted and reputable retailers.

Newegg offers a diverse range of product categories beyond its well-known computer hardware and tech gadgets. These categories include:

  • Computer Electronics
  • Gaming & E-Sports
  • Smart Home
  • Drones & Tech Toys
  • Health Tech
  • Tools

Affiliates are provided with various tools and resources to facilitate their marketing efforts, including user-friendly text and banner links, access to an award-winning customer service team, dedicated affiliate support, a regularly updated product catalog, RSS feeds, and the ability to create direct affiliate links to any product on Newegg’s website through deep-linking.

By partnering with Newegg, affiliates gain access to a vast customer base of over 30,000,000 individuals who share a passion for computers, gaming, and all things tech-related.

See full terms and conditions for newegg’s affiliate program here

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What is the Newegg Affiliate Program?
The Newegg Affiliate Program is a partnership program that allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting and referring customers to Newegg.com, a leading online retailer for electronics, computer hardware, and other tech-related products.
How can I join the Newegg Affiliate Program?
To join the Newegg Affiliate Program, you need to sign up through their affiliate network partner, CJ Affiliate. Visit the Newegg Affiliate Program page on CJ Affiliate's website and follow the registration process to become an affiliate.
What commission rates does the Newegg Affiliate Program offer?
The commission rates offered by the Newegg Affiliate Program vary depending on the product category. Commissions typically range from 1% to 3% of the total sale amount. However, certain promotions or campaigns may offer higher commission rates.
How often does the Newegg Affiliate Program pay out commissions?
The Newegg Affiliate Program pays out commissions on a monthly basis. Once you reach the payout trigger of $25 or more, your commissions will be processed and paid out during the next payment cycle.
What is unique about the Newegg Affiliate Program?
One unique aspect of the Newegg Affiliate Program is its extensive product catalog, which includes a wide range of electronics and tech-related items. This allows affiliates to target various niche markets and cater to diverse customer needs.

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