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Shift4Shop Affiliate Program

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Shift4Shop is a comprehensive eCommerce platform offering powerful tools to build and manage online stores effectively. Recognized for its robust features such as shopping cart software, eCommerce web design, and marketing services, Shift4Shop has introduced an affiliate program designed to reward individuals and businesses for referring new customers. This program is an excellent opportunity for bloggers, influencers, and digital marketers to earn a commission while promoting a leading eCommerce solution.

Overview of the Shift4Shop Affiliate Program

The Shift4Shop Affiliate Program is structured to facilitate easy earnings for its affiliates through a cost per lead (CPL) payment model. Affiliates can earn between $5 to $25 for each new sign-up generated through their referrals. This program is managed in collaboration with ShareASale, ensuring transparency and reliability with third-party tracking and real-time reporting.

Shift4Shop's Affiliate Program

Shift4Shop’s Affiliate Program

How to Join the Shift4Shop Affiliate Program

Shift4Shop Affiliate Program sign up

Affiliate Program Details and Commission Rates

Shift4Shop offers a CPL commission ranging from $5 to $25 per new sign-up. The program is notably generous with a 120-day cookie duration, which is above average and beneficial for affiliates, ensuring they are credited for sales made within four months after the initial referral.

Relevant Program Categories

  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Website Builders
  • Online Marketing

Cookie Duration

  • 120 days
Shift4Shop's Affiliate Program sign up

Shift4Shop’s Affiliate Program sign up

How to Become an Affiliate

To become a Shift4Shop affiliate, prospective affiliates must sign up through ShareASale. For those already registered as publishers with ShareASale, joining the program is as simple as logging into the ShareASale Member’s Area and enrolling in the Shift4Shop program. New affiliates can join ShareASale for free, fill out a short application form, and begin promoting Shift4Shop almost immediately.

Tips to Succeed in the Shift4Shop Affiliate Program

  • Leverage Multiple Promotion Channels: Use blogs, newsletters, and social media to share Shift4Shop.
  • Highlight Shift4Shop’s Unique Features: Emphasize the free access to the platform and its comprehensive tools.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the affiliate newsletters for new promotional materials and strategies.

Create Engaging Content Around Shift4Shop

Craft detailed reviews, comparison posts, and case studies that demonstrate how Shift4Shop stands out among eCommerce platforms. Utilizing the extensive marketing content provided, including webinars and video tutorials, can help in creating informative and compelling content that converts.

Connect with Shift4Shop

Specification: Shift4Shop Affiliate Program



Commission Per Sale

Up To $25

[Up To]


[Payout Methods]

Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer

[Payout Frequency]



What is unique about the Shift4Shop affiliate program?
The Shift4Shop affiliate program offers a competitive CPL commission and a notably long cookie duration, making it an attractive option for those promoting eCommerce platforms.
How can I track my referrals and earnings?
All tracking and reporting are managed through ShareASale, ensuring that affiliates have access to real-time data and monthly commission checks.
What tools are provided to Shift4Shop affiliates?
Affiliates gain access to professionally designed banners, text links, and a variety of marketing materials to help effectively promote the platform.
How does Shift4Shop support its affiliates?
Shift4Shop supports its affiliates with dedicated affiliate managers, regular updates via newsletters, and unlimited earning potential without caps on commission.
Shift4Shop Affiliate Program
Shift4Shop Affiliate Program
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