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The Magic of Monetisation: The 7 Best B2B Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2024

For affiliates and freelancers, turning content into sustainable income is the ultimate goal. In B2B affiliate marketing, creators, freelancers, industry professionals, and other businesses are presented with opportunities to amplify affiliate revenue streams through the power of promotion. 

While most affiliate programs are consumer-focused, there are plenty of lucrative opportunities in the B2B sector. Many of the B2B affiliate programs also offer support groups, marketing materials and content ideas to help drive sales.  

For ease of reference, we’ve gathered some of the most enticing of the lot.  

Best B2B affiliate marketing programs

The best B2B affiliate marketing programs in 2024

Supermetrics Affiliate Program 

Supermetrics Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 90 days 

Commission: 20%

Supermetrics is a data-focused company whose aim is to help businesses get clear performance insights and make informed marketing decisions. They integrate data from 150+ platforms and make it analysis-ready for all sorts of businesses. 

The B2B affiliate program offers a pay-per-sale commission type at 20% for every subscription sale secured. There is a minimum payment threshold of $50 and payments are made once a month, on the 10th day. The program has a cookie lifespan of 90 days. 

Once you sign up and create your unique affiliate link, you’ll be given access to promo materials to publish on the platform of your choice. The Supreme Affiliate Program is a great choice for freelancers and industry professionals in the world of data and analytics. 

Transformify Affiliate Program

Transformify Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 180 days 

Commissions: 20% 

Transformify is a workforce management business that assists companies with onboarding programs, CSR implementation, payroll, supplier management, applicant tracking systems, employer branding, and much more. 

The Transformify Affiliate Program offers profitable opportunities for marketing professionals who direct new clients to the Transformify platform. 

The program is user-friendly and accessible to both seasoned marketers and newcomers. Affiliates are also given access to a wide variety of engaging marketing materials such as banners, landing pages and promotional content to help facilitate effective promotions. 

Transformify is happy to work with influencers, bloggers, content creators, professionals, recruiters, business owners, and anyone else looking for a flexible and rewarding way to monitise their network. 

With a revenue share of up to 20% and a cookie lifespan of 180 days, Transformify offers one of the best B2B marketing affiliate programs. 

FreshBooks Affiliate Program 

FreshBooks Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 120 days 

Commission: $200 per sale 

FreshBooks is a well-known cloud-based accounting software business that assists startups, small businesses, freelancers, and the self-employed. 

The company simplifies financial management for those without the resources, tools or employees to oversee their own accounting practices. The service allows users to streamline invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, and project management. 

The FreshBooks Affiliate Program gives marketing professionals and creators the chance to earn up to $200 per sale through the promotion of the innovative software. Affiliates are also given access to marketing materials and a range of content to help facilitate the promotions. 

Any B2B affiliate marketer looking to monetise their blog, website, or social media platform should consider the FreshBooks Affiliate Program. With a cookie lifespan of 120 days, the program presents a great opportunity for promoters, creators, and businesses. Payments are made on the 20th of every month, provided you have $50 to be withdrawn. 

Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 30 days 

Commission: $150 – $500 

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company that offers a range of useful services to online retailers such as inventory management, customer engagement tools, payment processing software, and more. 

According to Forbes, 24% of all retail purchases will take place online in 2026. As such, there is a great opportunity for affiliates to make money in the world of e-commerce. The Shopify Affiliate Program offers creators, course educators, influencers and review sites the chance to earn competitive referral commissions. 

The B2B affiliate program is free to join and available worldwide with a cookie lifespan of 30 days for referrals. They offer lucrative commissions of $150 – $500, making it one of the best available programs in 2024. Affiliates can choose to be paid when their balance reaches a certain amount or on a bi-weekly basis.

Deluxe Business Affiliate Program 

Deluxe Business Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 60 days

Commission: 30% 

Deluxe is a leading financial technology company with a powerful set of data tools and solutions to help your company scale effectively, build trust and navigate growth. 

They have combined innovative business technologies, data-sourced strategies, and 100+ years of financial experience to create a comprehensive suite of payment and data solutions for businesses. 

With a generous commission rate of up to 30% and a cookie lifespan of 60 days, the B2B affiliate program presents a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to boost their passive income. 

They also provide a dedicated affiliate support group to ensure affiliates are given all the necessary resources and tools to help drive sales, including high-converting and up-to-date banners and text links.

Bright Data Affiliate Program 

Bright Data Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 90 days 

Commission: 50%

Bright Data is a company that specialises in data collection and web scraping solutions. The mission is to empower businesses with precise and reliable data for informed decision-making. With complete and structured data sets, businesses can thrive. 

The Bright Data Affiliate Program is a user-friendly program designed to help affiliates promote Bright Data’s services in exchange for a generous revenue share.

Bright Data has competitive commission rates of up to 50% and a cookie lifespan of 90 days, as well as a quick and easy sign-up process. With one of the highest available revenue shares, creators, freelancers and businesses all stand a chance to significantly boost their affiliate marketing income.

The B2B affiliate program also provides a full team committed to supporting affiliates in their mission to promote Bright Data’s services. Whenever you’re ready to withdraw, payment will take place within 30 days. 

Hubspot Affiliate Program 

HubSpot Affiliate Program

Cookie lifespan: 180 days 

Commission: 30% 

HubSpot is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. They help businesses connect data, teams, and customers on one customer platform. 

The HubSpot Affiliate Program is one of the best B2B affiliate marketing programs around today. With a 180-day cookie window, tiered payouts, and a 30% recurring commission for up to one year, the program presents a great opportunity for affiliates to earn good money. 

The program also provides affiliates with a reliable support team, a library of creative content with over 400 promotional assets, as well as performance reports for tracking and monitoring.

Summing up

While only 18.6% of affiliate marketers work in the B2B space (Affstat), there are clearly plenty of opportunities for creators, industry professionals, and affiliate marketers to earn high commission rates while promoting helpful software and tools. If you have a business-friendly audience, a B2B affiliate program may be exactly what you need.

At The Affiliate Monkey, we help creators, freelancers and businesses find the affiliate program that best suits them. We provide you with the resources to compare hundreds of different affiliate programs, from trading and e-commerce to gaming and fashion. Reach out today to find out more.

We would love to hear about your experience with affiliate marketing! Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how it’s working out for you. 

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