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AliDropship Affiliate Program

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The AliDropship affiliate program provides a structured approach to compensate affiliates for their role in driving referrals and conversions. It lays out the commission rates, payment methods, and tracking cookie duration, offering a comprehensive view of the program’s key elements.

Affiliates in the AliDropship program can earn commissions based on the referrals they generate, with rates varying depending on the product or service. The highest commission offered is 50%, though there are exceptions and non-payable transactions to consider. What sets this program apart is the 30-day cookie duration, allowing affiliates to receive credit for conversions within a month from the last click.

When it comes to payments, affiliates are paid through PayPal, with responsibility for any associated fees or taxes. To receive payments, affiliates must meet minimum payout thresholds of $50 via PayPal or $1,000 via bank. Payments follow a defined schedule based on the product type, whether it’s a one-time payment or subscription-based, with processing times scheduled regularly.

The AliDropship affiliate program offers a structured and transparent framework for affiliates to monetize their efforts. With competitive commissions, clear tracking windows, and defined payment guidelines, it empowers affiliates to effectively promote the associated products and services while earning income. This combination of incentives and clarity makes it an appealing opportunity for those looking to leverage their marketing efforts.

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(UP To) 50%

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AliDropship Affiliate Program
AliDropship Affiliate Program
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