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Best Luxury Brand Affiliate Programs

Did you know that the efforts to need to sell an item worth hundreds of dollars are the same as the one you require to sell one worth a thousand dollars? If that’s the case, why not consider luxury brand affiliate programs?

Can you imagine getting a lot of money as your commission despite selling a few products? It is not a crime to make much money without doing little. Other affiliate programs requires you to go all out, create many copywriting articles and working tirelessly only to pocket a few bucks.

If you are already experiencing all that, you can increase your income without adding extra effort. Try out luxury brand affiliate marketing programs.

To get started, choose one of the best luxury brand affiliate programs to ensure that you get as much as possible out of every sale. Here are some of the luxury brand affiliates worth giving a shot.

1. JR Dunn Jewelers Affiliate Program

JR Dunn Jewellers has an online store and a showroom. It sells top-quality jewellery, including engagement rings, gemstones, diamonds, and Rolex watches, just but to mention a few. The great mind behind it is James, who founded it in 1969 not long after quitting working with IBM as a salesman. JR stands for James Robert.

There are quite some reasons why it is among the best Luxury brand affiliates program. For instance, it has an average order value of $1078. In addition, as an affiliate working for this program, you receive a commission of up to 3%. That’s quite a lot of money given that some of the available products cost about $10,000, including Rolex watches.

In addition to that, it has an Earnings per Clicks (EPC) of up to $139.5. Last but not least, its cookie period is 15 days. That’s probably shorter than most of what other affiliates offer, but it remains one of the best jewellery luxury brand affiliates program.

2. Luxury Garage Sale

You are probably doing affiliate marketing associated with accessories, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and bags as we speak. However, you can increase the amount of commission that you pocket. All you have to do is shift to luxury brand affiliates programs, and Luxury Garage Sale is an ideal choice. It came into existence in 2011.

The commissions are pretty high since it deals with renowned brands including David Yurman, Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

The deal you get per sale is also incredible since you get to pocket a commission of up to 5% of the sales. However, if the product price is above $5k, the commission is 3% of the sales. The cookie period is 30 days.

Besides high commission, there are several reasons why you should consider this program. It has an average order value of $740. Its feed also has more than 14,000 products which are updated regularly. Extras include additional content, assets, banners, and product photography if you request it.

You can apply for this affiliate program via email.

3. Money Metals Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, Money Metals is a company that deals with selling gold and silver coins. Therefore, join the program and start earning after every referral that leads to a sale.

You are most likely thinking about why this would be an excellent business venture. That’s understandable since the market may be small given how luxurious silver and gold are. In addition, the number of people with much disposable income is low, and not too many investors invest in this industry either.

However, the market is big, primarily due to the high number of preppers. They are always buying silver and gold, considering the possibility of FIAT currency losing value in the future. So, don’t assume that you have no market to sell to once you join the Money Metals affiliate program.

The program also has a flat commission rate earning you $16 per sale regardless of the price. However, if you have high sales, you have a chance of negotiating for a better deal. Its EPC is $31.15 and the cookie period is 30 days. Registration is also free.

4. Saks Fifth Avenue Affiliate Program

When it comes to international fashion, Saks Fifth Avenue is a name that is often mentioned. Its global fame is a result of selling the best designer apparel. They are usually unique, and so are the rest of the products, including handbags, jewelry, shoes, gifts, and cosmetics.

It is a huge company shipping internationally and owning stores in more than thirty states. The various products and the international recognition increase the chances of conversion. Its targeted buyers can also spend a lot of money on a single shopping spree, and it stocks designer items for women, men, and kids.

Excellent examples of luxurious products available include Fendi shoes worth over $1000 and a Chloe handbag for $2000. Given that the commission ranges from 3% to 5%, that’s a great plus for any affiliate marketer. US affiliates and UK affiliates earn different pocketing a commission of 3% and 5%, respectively.

Affiliates should also take note of its cookie period which is 14 days.

5. Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Affiliate Program

It is interesting how one person could change how people see or do things. Speaking of changing the world, M. S. Oberoi is an excellent example of a man who did precisely that. He changes hotels in India by introducing the luxury aspect in it. That’s when he opened the Oberoi Hotel in Shimla in 1934.

Ever since then, the company has transformed that hotel into an empire of luxury hotels. They are located in India, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Indonesia, Egypt, and UAE. They have lived up to their slogan, which states that the guest is everything.

With such a great foundation, you can rely on the company for money as an affiliate. From the wide geographical area to the great reputation, there are high chances of conversions. There is also the fact that their locations are great tourist destinations, increasing your chances of earning. Additionally, people often require this service as they are always going for a vacation.

As long as you make a sale, you get up to 6% of its value. Its EPC is $88,9, whereas the cookie period is 30 days.

They also have an extra of having a team committed to ensuring that you make as much money as possible.

6. MyTheresa

Just from the brands associated with MyTheresa, you can tell that it is all about luxuries. The brands include Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucci, and Burberry. It started in 2016 in a German cultural city characterized by fantastic museums, culture, cultural scenes, and architecture, Munich.

This company sells accessories, carry bags, clothing, and shoes. That’s probably something you are familiar with as an affiliate of other programs. Besides the wide range of products, it also collaborates with a long list of luxury brands. Therefore, it increases the chances of making a conversion and a great one, for that matter.

An affiliate doesn’t pay a dime to be a member. Your commission is up to 8% of the net sales minus returns, taxes, and shipping. There are also features such as sales tracking and reporting in real-time, and the cookie period is 30 days.

The company has links, banners, and ads to help you make your visitors a source of additional bucks upon visiting your site.

Application for the affiliate program can be made through email, rewardStyle, Rakuten Marketing, and CJ Affiliate.

7. Vistiaire Collective

It is yet another one of the best luxury brand affiliate program because of several things. One of them is choosing the best luxury brands to work with. Every week, Vistiaire Collective receives many new luxury products, about 25,000 that is.

Its product feed includes home décor, jewelry, watches, bags, and vintage items, among other accessories. Having been founded back in 2009, one can transact with this affiliate program because it has proven its trustworthiness.

To maintain its great reputation, it authenticates its products to avoid misleading buyers. Consequently, it has one of the lowest return rates. The inventory is also quite large hence increases your chances of making conversions.

It has an average order value of €500 and updates its feeds daily. As an affiliate, you get to enjoy sales tracking and real-time reporting. The commission ranges between 7% and 9%, which is incredibly rewarding. As for the cookie period, it is valid for 30 days.

Last but not least, to become a member of this affiliate program, apply via email as it is the first step to getting started.

8. Puffy Mattress Affiliate Program

This mattress company boldly claims to have the most comfortable mattress in America. However, it is not a mere claim. It has the backing of a lifetime warranty on its products and 5-star user reviews numbering up to 5,000. This is insane. 

Puffy mattress is popular because it is a self-cooling memory foam mattress that provides its sleeper with optimal support. It was only a matter of time before they introduced the affiliate program, and the average commissions per sale are very generous. It’s $300. This comfortably puts it on the list of the best luxury affiliate programs. 

This affiliate program offers numerous benefits to its affiliate partners. They get to enjoy a cookie lifespan of 6 months. This means that affiliates have an entire six months to convert their traffic/leads into sales. This is the ideal affiliate program whose niche platform is interior decor, household design, relocation, or sleeping problems. Their EPC is $367.68. 

9. Saks Fifth Avenue Affiliate Program

Saks Fifth Avenue is known for designer clothing and accessories. They had been in business before the first world war, which was a very long time ago. Since then, they have survived despite two other wars and three recessions. So they are obviously here to stay. The people who shop at Saks can spend up to the tune of $100k without batting an eyelid. 

Their affiliates in the U.S.A can earn up to 3% in commission from the total amount spent shopping in Saks Fifth Avenue. U.K affiliates make up to 5% in commission. This means a purchase of $20k in Saks Fifth can earn an affiliate between $600 and $1000. Since most Saks Fifth Avenue customers are big spenders, affiliates are almost sure of a huge commission and payout. In addition, their cookie lifespan is 14 days.


Clearly, you can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. All you need to do is consider becoming one of the luxury brand affiliate. Once you decide, you have many great affiliate programs that will get you started. They have high percentage commissions and sell goods with high value. Consequently, you get to earn a reasonable amount of money once your referral turns into a sale.

For more tips, visit our homepage and compare hundreds of affiliate programs and see which affiliate program fits you best.

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