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Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

In today’s world, affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most effective marketing strategies businesses use to reach their target audience. According to Statista, affiliate marketing expenditure in the United States alone will reach $8.2 billion in 2022, up from $7.4 billion in 2021. Spending on affiliate marketing has increased from just $4.2 billion in 2015.

Due to the rapid growth of affiliate programs and the increasing number of businesses investing in them, affiliate marketers face stiff competition to promote products & services. Finding a niche with low levels of competition is the best scenario for affiliate marketers in this situation!

Why Picking a Niche is Important?

Choosing the right niche is the key to success in affiliate marketing. There are several niches out there, but not everyone is profitable. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, promoting everything you can think of can be tempting. However, this will lead to disaster. As you try to promote multiple products and programs, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed and lose your audience if you don’t focus on one. Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs in 2023 is crucial to your affiliate marketing success.

To connect with your audience, you should pick a niche where you are an expert. Additionally, be careful not to choose a highly competitive niche. For niche sites, search traffic determines their earning potential the most. The more traffic it generates, the more likely you convert visitors into buyers.

Competitors are the biggest challenge you must overcome to rank on the first page of Google searches. Developing SEO strategies and executing campaigns against sites with established niche authorities will be extremely difficult. Therefore, you should consider low-competitive niches with few authoritative top sites if you wish to rank well organically. With keyword research tools such as Aherf, SemRush, and Google Keyword Planner, you can find out how difficult it will be to rank for targeted keywords in this niche.

Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

B2B SaaS

Over the past several years, the B2B SaaS industry has rapidly grown. SaaS enables B2B companies to perform any task quickly and efficiently, which is what people want. Compared to traditional marketing, SaaS can help B2B companies generate quality leads that are much more likely to convert. As per Salesforce’s B2B Sales Benchmark report, these partners convert 3.63 percent of leads. As a result, B2B SaaS affiliate programs are the most lucrative. A new affiliate marketer can earn handsome money by promoting newly launched B2B SaaS programs. Here are some great SaaS affiliate programs:


PartnerStack is an excellent platform for building partnership channels, but it’s explicitly designed for B2B SaaS companies. This PRM solution allows you to expand your partnership channel in various ways. They help B2B businesses recruit all kinds of partners, whether they are agencies, resellers, influencers, affiliates, etc. As a PartnerStack partner, you’ll earn substantial commissions on every sale you drive and get exclusive bonuses. In addition, PartnerStack users will have access to expert-developed tools and resources.


The AWeber affiliate program offers up to 50% referral commissions. AWeber provides small businesses with email marketing solutions that allow them to create landing pages, eCommerce pages, and more. AWeber has been around since 1998 and offers cookies that last a year. The company makes email marketing easy and fun with its customizable features, like landing pages, web push notifications, and many proven, effective templates.


Staying fit and eating healthy are two of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Fitness is an evergreen niche for affiliate marketers and experiences almost 9% revenue growth each year. Joining high-ticket fitness affiliate programs is a great way to enter the fitness industry as an affiliate marketer. As you help people improve their health, you can make some money. Among the best fitness programs are:

Horizon Fitness

For more than 35 years, Horizon Fitness has provided clients with world-class fitness equipment. The Horizon Fitness brand is marketed as the ultimate home cardio machine. The company is best known for its treadmills, which have a price range from $1,000 to about $3,000. The affiliate program is a great way to earn hefty commissions while promoting durable exercise equipment to your target audience. When your affiliate referral links generate successful product sales, you’ll earn an 8% commission. Additionally, there is a 30-day cookie period.

Manduka Affiliate Program

Among the most popular yoga mats are those manufactured by Manduka. Clothing and gear are also available from them. Whether you want comfortable yoga clothing such as leggings and tops or towels, Manduka has it all. Bloggers are welcome to join their affiliate program. Additionally, they offer partnerships with yoga studio owners and industry professionals. The cookie life is seven days, and you can receive a 20% commission on all sales. As an affiliate manager, Manduka provides affiliates with banners and links, tracks sales, and processes affiliate payouts.

Personal Finance

One of the most popular and profitable affiliate marketing niches is Personal Finance. The financial products market offers several sub-niches with low competition where content creators can target various audiences. A strong affiliate marketer can create content related to stocks, precious metals, real estate, and similar investments. Affiliate marketers who just started can write about everything from peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platforms to cryptocurrencies, personal finance apps, investment tools, and fintech products. The following are some great affiliate programs for Personal Finance:

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the most active programs in the financial affiliate industry. Thousands of people are attracted to the personal capital affiliate program because of the site and services it offers. With their one-stop solution for any financial circumstance, Personal Capital offers functional tools for managing money and investing, along with personalized investment advice.


Eightcap Partners is one of the top forex trading providers on the market. They are among the top CFD brokers on reliable infrastructure and offer MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. The company is trusted by thousands of satisfied clients worldwide and has recently been ranked in many global rankings. They offer market-leading partnership programs with high conversion rates, flexible remuneration, and outstanding marketing support. CPA and revenue share models are available. You can access various reporting systems, including bespoke reports, so you’re always in control.

Pets and Pet Products

Many people consider their pets to be members of their families. Consequently, people spend a lot of money on their pets. Whether it’s specialty diets, treats, toys, medicines, or training services, pets get plenty of attention. Marketers can promote niches with low competition on sub-niches within an industry. Doing so will demonstrate their expertise and become effective at bringing in specialized customers. Here are some great affiliate programs related to pets:


As its name suggests, FitBark is all about pet health and fitness! FitBark helps to prevent and counter pets’ health issues by tracking their daily routines. The company introduced small GPS trackers to monitor a dog’s activity and provide helpful information regarding their sleeping and exercise habits. The app can also locate a missing dog, a valuable feature for pet lovers. Fitbark’s cookie duration of 60 days gives you a greater chance of earning money. The commission rate starts at 12%, but average sales sit around $100, offering decent earning potential.


Love means wanting the very best for your loved one. Pets are no different. Generally, comfort for pets is not determined by money. Hence, pet luxury items are a hot commodity! Paw.com offers some of the most comfortable and stylish pet beds. They are odor-resistant and include replaceable covers in addition to being made of memory foam. Among the best pet affiliate programs in the industry is Paw.com, an industry leader. This company has a 20-day cookie period, which is a bit short. Despite these shortcomings, high demand and a 20% commission rate more than compensate.


Low-competition niches are a good choice to start when you are new to affiliate marketing. In the end, low competition will give you more opportunities to earn money. If you are still confused about how to start affiliate marketing in 2023, check out our article on a Beginner’s Guide to Success. Our goal at TheAffiliateMonkey is to help you choose the right niche and succeed as an affiliate marketer.

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