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Join Eightcap Partners and get Up to $6 per lot rebate + 20% revenue share

Online Trading Affiliate Programs (2024); All You Need To Know

Online affiliate programs offer lucrative commissions for referring people to trading platforms that allow clients to buy and sell various financial instruments.

There are many trading platforms out there that offer affiliate programs. These vary greatly in how the affiliate relationship is structured and what they offer to support their affiliate to create a longstanding relationship.

In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into what Forex affiliate programs actually are, how they’re structured, and what you need to consider before joining one.

What Are Trading Affiliate Programs?

Trading and forex affiliate programs refer to programs that allow affiliate marketers to refer people to a trading platform in return for a commission. Today, Forex affiliate marketing is among the most popular affiliate options out there due to its high earning potential.

These trading platforms most often allow people to trade individual stocks and shares, but many offer other trading options such as Forex, commodities, and much more. Forex affiliates have the opportunity to benefit from trading platforms without the risks associated with forex trading.

This commission is offered in many forms, which we will explore shortly in this article, and many platforms offer different types of trading as well.

Why Should You Consider Using A Trading Affiliate Program?

There are plenty of reasons to consider joining one of the many forex trading affiliate programs out there, but like with most things in life, money is the main appeal. The Forex market is wide-ranging and full of opportunities for affiliates, Forex brokers, and more.

Trading affiliate platforms offer very lucrative payouts, with some easily exceeding $1,000 or more per successful referral.

ZuluTrade affiliate offers custom deals for successful affiliates

The other key benefit is flexibility; as long as you have an audience to promote the offer to, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It’s super easy to start forex affiliate marketing as well, and you can read our guide for doing this without an audience for some tips for getting started if you’re unsure.

How Do They Work?

Forex affiliate programs are very simple at a glance; you refer a person to sign up to a trading account through a unique affiliate link or code, and you get paid as per the agreement between you and the affiliate program.

These agreements vary a lot in the world of top forex affiliate programs, and they’ll be discussed in more detail in the next section.

Different Types Of Trading Affiliate Programs

Once somebody has been referred successfully to a trading affiliate program, how you (as the affiliate) get paid varies depending on the type of commission structure.

Here are the most common ways that trading and forex affiliate programs structure their programs for affiliates:

Revenue Sharing (RevShare)

Revenue sharing works by the affiliate being paid a share of the revenue that a successful referral generates for the trading platform. Some of these last for the client’s lifetime at the platform, which can result in some large payouts on your affiliate trading account.


Volume-based models pay out a specific commission per volume. An example of this for a trading affiliate would be an increased commission percentage if a successful referral spent/earned more than $10,000 trading, for example. Forex traders can scale their passive income over time.

Cost Per Aquisition (CPA)

CPA trading affiliates payout to the affiliate when the referred client performs a specific action. These are typically one-time deals; an example would be a fixed referral fee for every client who signs up for an account through an affiliate link.

Introducing Broker (IB) 

Introducing brokers are affiliates in this context who earn commissions by referring clients to a trading broker. These are usually more advanced than a standard affiliate and require a proven track record and selection by the broker to be accepted.

The type of trading affiliate program that you work with can have a massive impact on your potential earnings, so make sure you’ve read each point above properly.

What Financial Instruments Do Trading Affiliate Programs Offer?

Financial instruments are assets that can be traded or ‘packages of capital’ that can be traded.

Trading and Forex affiliate programs offer a wide range of these instruments to successfully referred clients. For example, stocks are financial instruments that can be traded on a stock trading platform.

ETFs, bonds, and Forex are other examples of financial instruments that can be traded via trading platforms.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Trading Affiliate Program

Before you dive right into a trading affiliate program, you should keep a few things in mind that will benefit your long-term success.


Choosing the right type of trading platform will be crucial to your success, as different platforms offer different financial products for trading.

If your audience is largely based on crypto, then a crypto trading platform would make the most sense and offer you the best return.

Likewise, a stock trading platform would be best if you offered stock picks and tips. Promoting the right type of affiliate program is half the battle when it comes to ensuring your success.

Broker Reputation & Conversion Rate

Another important thing to consider when choosing a trading affiliate program is the broker’s reputation and, consequently, what conversion rate they offer.

Well-known brokers with intuitive and modern platforms offer a much higher conversion rate than others, directly impacting the amount you will make.

For example, suppose you refer 1,000 people to a trading affiliate platform. In that case, the difference between a 20% and 40% conversion rate between platforms is 200 people, which could result in a huge difference in revenue for you as the affiliate.


Lastly, any extra offered by the platform can play a pivotal role in choosing the right type of trading affiliate program to work with.

For example, Trading View offers affiliates free widgets, which can be implemented into websites to offer real-time charts and quotes with your affiliate link built in. Some programs provide you with a personal account manager and a range of marketing materials to help you secure successful referrals.

A few forex market partner programs may also suggest which social media platforms are best for promotions and effective marketing strategies. As a forex affiliate, finding a forex affiliate program that meets your needs and resonates with your audience is key.

TradingView Partner Program

Another example would be ZuluTrade, which offers automated strategies.

The Best Forex Affiliate Programs

EightCap Affiliate Program

eightcap forex affiliate marketing

The EightCap Affiliate Program is a uniquely lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity and stands out as one of the best forex affiliate programs around.

With EightCap, a leading CFD broker that offers access to over 800 instruments across forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, shares, and stock trading platforms like MT4/MT5 and TradingView, affiliates can begin to earn extra income in no time.

The Forex affiliate program is notable for its low spreads, zero commission structure, and commitment to providing a high-quality trading experience on a reliable infrastructure.

By partnering with EightCap, you align yourself with an award-winning and trusted broker, recognized for its powerful technology, excellent liquidity and execution, premium support, and strong regulatory foundation across multiple jurisdictions.

As an affiliate partner, you’re provided with tailored remuneration plans, marketing materials, tracking tools, and a dedicated account manager designed to meet the diverse needs of your affiliate marketing strategy.

EightCap prides itself on offering its partners competitive advantages, including access to global markets, lightning-fast execution, and an extensive array of marketing tools through the Partners Portal.

The program is structured to ensure high conversion rates, offering flexible remuneration and outstanding marketing and operational support.

Whether you’re an introducing broker, an influencer, or looking to leverage EightCap’s affiliate opportunities, the program is structured to support your growth and success in the expansive world of trading – making it one of the best Forex affiliate programs.

EightCap affiliate program key details

  • Cookie Lifespan: 365 days
  • CPA Amount: N/A
  • Minimum User Deposit: $100
  • Payout Methods: Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, USDT
  • Payout Trigger: $200
  • Revenue Share: Yes
  • Revenue Share Amount: 20%
  • Categories: CFD, Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stock, Trading

Capital.com Affiliate Program

capital.com forex affiliate program

The Capital.com affiliate program is a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers hoping to take their passive income to new heights. Since its establishment in 2016, Capital.com has epitomized cutting-edge technology, an exceptional user experience, and competitive pricing.

As the company continues to ascend, its commitment to advancement is evident in the launch of the Capital.com Introducing Broker Program, a pivotal element in the global growth strategy, with aspirations to set industry benchmarks. Forex brokers can therefore capitalise and begin earning additional income through forex affiliate marketing.

The commission plan operates on a revenue-sharing model, offering Introducing Brokers (IBs) a generous 30% to 40% commission on the spread generated by their introduced clients.

This personalised approach ensures equitable compensation, with rates adjusted based on trading volume and performance reviews throughout the partnership.

Educational resources, risk management tools, and a dedicated account management team fluent in over 10 languages underscore the commitment to trader success.

The Forex trading platform is a great way for high-volume affiliates to earn money in a sustainable and reliable method.

Capital.com affiliate program key details

Network: Direct

Categories: Commodities, Forex, CFD’s on Crypto, Indices, Shares and ESG Stocks

Commission Per Sale: Up To 40%

Revenue Share (Up To): 40%

CPA Amount (Up To): $800

Cookie Lifespan: 90 days

Payout Frequency: Monthly

Payout Methods: Wire Transfer

Payout Trigger: $50

Forex Tester Affiliate Program

forex affiliate program

Forex Tester, a leader in trading simulation and backtesting software, has crafted a unique niche in the trading education market. With over 17 years of experience and surpassing 50,000 global sales, Forex Tester has redefined the approach to disciplined and effective trading strategy development and testing.

Catering to a wide audience, from content creators and influencers to business owners within the Forex trading education niche, the Forex Tester Affiliate Program presents a lucrative opportunity for partners through its comprehensive affiliate and reseller options.

The Forex Tester Affiliate Program stands out in the competitive Forex affiliate landscape with a rewarding commission structure, offering affiliates a 25% payout for sales generated through unique referral links.

Designed to maximize affiliates’ earning potential, the program provides high-converting promotional materials suitable for a diverse range of platforms and geographies, ensuring affiliates have the necessary tools to engage their audience and drive conversions effectively.

Forex Tester affiliate program key details

Payout Methods: PayPal

Cookie Lifespan: 180 days

Categories: Trading Tool

Revenue Share: 25%

Payout Trigger: $50

CPA Amount: Revenue Share

Up To: Revenue Share

BlackBull Markets Affiliate Program

blackbull markets forex affiliate program

The Blackbull Markets affiliate program is a highly reputable and lucrative opportunity for individuals looking to earn passive income through referrals. With a strong focus on transparency and client satisfaction, this program offers attractive commission rates and a range of marketing tools to support affiliates.

Blackbull Markets provides its affiliates with competitive commission structures, offering up to $600 per referred client. The program also offers a tiered commission system, allowing affiliates to earn higher rates as they refer more clients. This incentivizes affiliates to actively promote the platform and maximize their earnings.

The program provides affiliates with a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including banners, landing pages, and tracking links. These resources enable affiliates to effectively promote Blackbull Markets and track their referral performance. A

dditionally, the program offers real-time reporting and analytics, allowing affiliates to monitor their conversions and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

Blackbull Markets has a strong reputation in the industry, with a focus on providing exceptional trading conditions and customer support. This ensures that referred clients are more likely to have a positive experience, increasing the likelihood of conversions and commission earnings for affiliates.

Overall, the Blackbull Markets affiliate program is a reliable and profitable opportunity for individuals interested in earning passive income through referrals.

With competitive commission rates, comprehensive Forex affiliate network tools, a dedicated account manager, and a reputable brand, this program offers a solid foundation for affiliate success.

Blackbull Markets affiliate program key details:

CPA Amount: Up to $1000

Categories: CFD Commodities Forex

Payout Trigger: $500

Payout Frequency: Monthly

Revenue Share: Yes

Cookie Lifespan: 365 days

Payout Methods: A variety of country-specific funding methods

Revenue Share Amount: CPA Only

XM Affiliate Program

XM affiliate log in

In the dynamic world of forex broker affiliate programs, the XM Affiliate Program stands out as a top choice for those interested in a forex affiliate program or a broader trading affiliate program. This comprehensive review dives into what makes XM’s offering a compelling opportunity for affiliates.

XM, a prominent player in the forex trading industry, offers an affiliate program that caters to a wide range of products in financial markets, including Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Equity Indices, Precious Metals, and Energies.

The program is especially attractive due to its generous commission structure and diverse trading options. Affiliates can earn up to $650 under the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model or up to $75 per standard lot traded for successful referrals, presenting a lucrative opportunity for those with a knack for marketing financial services.

Referred traders can benefit from the powerful platform, while affiliates can boost passive income in no time.

Joining the XM Affiliate Program is straightforward. Since XM operates its affiliate program independently, you can sign up directly on their website.

Whether you’re in the world of social media influencers or part of a group of respectable brokers, XM is a compelling opportunity that allows you to benefit greatly from your marketing efforts.

XM affiliate program key details

Categories: Cryptocurrency, Forex, Commodities and Indices, Energies Shares, Forex Trading, Precious Metals, Stocks

Payout Trigger: $150 & 3 x standard lots of FX or Equivalent instruments for CPA, $5 for Lot Rebate clients

Revenue Share: Per standard lot traded

Minimum User Deposit: $5

Cookie Lifespan: 14 days

Payout Methods: Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire, Wire Transfer

Revenue Share Amount: Up to $75 per standard lot traded

In Summary

Trading affiliate programs can change your life. An affiliate business can take a forex affiliate marketer from zero to hero in no time. Referred traders take the risk, and affiliates often earn recurring commissions or high one-time pay offs.

It’s all about having the right type of audience to promote your offer to, as well as promoting the right platform that converts well to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

In the realm of Forex affiliate marketing and trading affiliate programs, there is a wealth of opportunities for individuals seeking to monetize their online presence and expertise in financial markets. Whether you’re a professional Forex broker or just a forex affiliate, the possibilities are endless.

By aligning with trusted platforms that offer competitive commissions, comprehensive resources, and dedicated support, Forex affiliates can effectively capitalize on the growing interest in trading activities.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these programs represent not only a lucrative source of income but also a pathway to gain valuable insights of financial markets and empowering others to navigate them successfully.

With diligence, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to delivering value, participants in these affiliate programs stand poised to thrive in the dynamic world of online trading.

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