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B2B Affiliate Programs: Semrush Affiliate Program vs HubSpot Affiliate Program

The world of affiliate marketing is not limited to B2C spaces. In fact, the B2B space is full to the brim with opportunities. For creators, marketers, professionals, and even other businesses – B2B affiliate programs present a perfect chance to earn some extra income. 

B2B affiliate marketing programs let businesses boost awareness, generate leads, and increase sales via trusted content creators and professionals who share trackable links to the brand’s website. 

If you’re considering diving into the B2B affiliate program space, finding a program that matches your niche and expertise is imperative. There are plenty of programs out there, and it’s important to take the time to review the terms of each one.

The Semrush Affiliate Program and the HubSpot Affiliate Program are two of the best B2B affiliate programs around. We’ve gone over each program and covered the important points to give you a clear overview of what’s on offer. Let’s dive in. There are also many Integration with hubspot that can be found to boost your affiliate cash.

Semrush Affiliate Program vs HubSpot Affiliate Program

Semrush Affiliate Program

B2B affiliate programs


High commission rates

Long cookie duration

Comprehensive support


Competitive niche

High effort required

No longer offers recurring commission rates 

Semrush Holdings Inc. is a U.S. company that provides the SaaS software known as Semrush. The platform is a powerful SEO tool that can be used for keyword research, content optimisation, site audits, and more. 

The Semrush Affiliate Program, brought to you by the popular affiliate network Impact Radius, is open to creators, marketers, professionals and businesses to promote the toolkit and make money on a successful referral. 

You can apply to join the Semrush Affiliate Program via Impact.com. The Semrush team then reviews your application within two working days, but verification processes may take longer in certain circumstances. 

Your network should be in line with the Semrush target audience. Luckily, Semrush serves a wide range of users including small businesses and freelancers, individual marketers, agencies, globally renowned companies and all-round marketing professionals. 

What programs do they offer?

Semrush offers multiple partnership opportunities divided into five distinct programs: 

Semrush Affiliate Program: The program is based on revenue sharing, where you promote Semrush in exchange for a commission on every sale or trial activation made through your promotions.

Regional Resellers: Regional partners are trusted go-to-market advisors and field players who work closely with customers in specific local markets to help Semrush grow. 

Technical Partners: Technical partners enjoy secure integration with the Semrush platform allowing them easy access to the unique data and tools.

Educational Partners: Educational partners teach future industry professionals and help existing leaders gain more insight and knowledge into the software. 

Agency Partners: Agency partners have the opportunity to become certified Semrush experts and showcase their agency to thousands of Semrush business users.

Benefits of the Semrush Affiliate Program 

For our purposes, we’ll be focusing on the robust Semrush Affiliate Marketing Program to review the various benefits. 

Since Semrush is an industry-leading company and platform, partnering with them can do wonders for your image. 

The program also provides you with high-quality and original pre-designed promotional materials – making your job as an affiliate much easier. From banners and landing pages to videos and widgets, the options are plenty.

Since Semrush is an industry-leading company and platform, partnering with them can do wonders for your image. The program also provides you with high-quality and original pre-designed promotional materials – making your job as an affiliate much easier. From banners and landing pages to videos and widgets, the options are plenty.

The lucrative commission structure works as follows – earn $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for every new lead, and $0.01 for every new sign-up. They also have a loyalty program where they offer bonuses for consistent quarterly sales.

If you’re making 5-19 sales per quarter, your commission goes up to $250 per sale. If you’re making 20-49 sales per quarter, your commission goes up to $300 per sale. Lastly, if you’re making 50+ sales per quarter, your commission goes up to $350 per sale. 

Affiliates also get access to Semrush. As an affiliate marketer, this can be hugely beneficial to you, your brand, and your marketing strategy. 

The affiliate dashboard is easy to navigate. To find affiliate links, you just go to the content section and click on assets. You’ll then find a variety of referral URLs and creative assets uploaded by the Semrush team. 

Key Semrush Affiliate Program Terms 

The key terms of the program are as follows: 

CPA: $200/$250/$300/$350 (depending on your loyalty tier & sales)

Network: Impact Radius  

Cookie Lifespan: 120 days

Payout Methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal

Quarterly Content Bonus: $200/$500/$1000/$1500

Incentives: $200 for QoQ incremental sales 

Semrush Access: 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months 

How much can I earn as a Semrush affiliate? 

Now let’s review a real-life example of a Semrush affiliate promoting the powerful SEO toolkit.

In the above video, we see a Semrush affiliate run through a short but detailed review of the SEO platform. Right now, the video sits at about 26K views. 

If we assume a 1% conversion rate on the video, that would equate to 260 conversions. At $200 per sale, the affiliate will have earned an almost unbelievable $52,000 from one video. Incredible. 

To take it even further, let’s assume they’ve worked with Semrush for a while and are now earning $350 per sale. That would take the potential earnings from the video to $91,000. The potential to earn high is clear. 

HubSpot Affiliate Program

B2B affiliate programs


Generous commissions

Long cookie duration

Extensive marketing assets


Earnings are capped at 1 year

Tier advancement is required for bonuses

Program complexity for beginners

HubSpot is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, customer relationship management, social media management, content generation, and more. 

The HubSpot Affiliate Program, via Impact Radius, offers a compelling opportunity for content creators, marketers, software reviewers, online educators, and professionals to earn revenue by promoting one of the leading marketing, sales, and service software platforms in the industry. 

With a generous commission structure, extensive support resources, and a wide array of promotional assets, the free-to-join program is designed to help affiliates maximise their earnings while contributing to the growth of businesses worldwide.

Applications to the HubSpot Affiliate Program are typically reviewed within 2-3 business days, but approval may take longer in certain circumstances. You’re not typically required to be a HubSpot user yourself, but it would benefit your promotional efforts to know the ins and outs of the platform. 

What programs do they offer?

HubSpot offers multiple partnership opportunities with four distinct programs. 

App Partner Program: The App Partner Program is for developers and companies that want to grow their business by building apps on HubSpot’s open platform.

HubSpot for Startups Partner Program: The Startups Partner Program is for accelerators, incubators, and VCs who want to help their startups grow by giving them access to the HubSpot CRM Suite, programming, and education.

Education Partner Program: The Education Partner Program is for colleges and universities that want to bring the theory, practice, and technology used by growing businesses into their classrooms.

Affiliate Program: The Affiliate Program is for bloggers, review sites, content creators, professionals and more who want to monetise content through the promotion of the powerful marketing platform. 

Benefits of the HubSpot Affiliate Program

For our purposes, we’ll be focusing on the popular HubSpot Affiliate Program and its several benefits. The HubSpot Affiliate Program stands out as one of the leading B2B affiliate programs available in 2024. 

With a 30% recurring commission rate for up to one year and tiered payouts that provide an opportunity to grow within the program and earn more rewards, your passive income can see significant gains. The more customers you end up referring, the more you get incentivised. 

A standout benefit is the 180-day cookie window – an incredibly generous cookie lifespan for an affiliate program. You also have access to performance reports to help you optimise your future promotions. Add unique tracking parameters and monitor your performance with customisable reports. 

The HubSpot Affiliate Program also provides affiliates with access to over 400 promotional assets, training guides, and useful tips to help drive success. A reliable support team is available to help out with any other queries or issues you may have. 

The tiered payout system means that affiliates who reach 100-200 signups per month earn additional bonuses on top of the 30% recurring commission fee. For affiliates securing 200+ signups per month, a custom commission rate is written up based on the affiliate’s performance. 

From the long cookie lifespan and high-earning potential to the bonuses and range of promotional materials, the HubSpot Affiliate Program presents an excellent opportunity for marketers to boost their affiliate income.

Key HubSpot Affiliate Program Terms 

Revenue Share: 30% recurring

Network: Impact Radius

Cookie Lifespan: 180 days

Payout Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, Wire Transfer

Payout Trigger: $10 

Bonuses: $80 welcome bonus 

How much can I earn from a HubSpot Affiliate Program? 

Okay, time to check out a real-life example of an affiliate promoting the leading marketing platform. 

In the above video, we see a full tutorial posted by a HubSpot affiliate that currently sits at 128K views. At a 1% conversion rate, that would equate to 1280 conversions. 

HubSpot’s recurring commission system can make it difficult to determine how much an affiliate may earn. For the sake of our example, we’ll use the average commission earned, which is $276 per referral according to HubSpot (for the lifetime of the referral). 

With that in mind, the above affiliate will have earned $353, 280. That is a ton of money to make from one video. Keep in mind that it takes years of building an audience before you can easily hit 128K views on a video. Still, the profit potential is incredibly high. 

Which affiliate program is best?

In the B2B affiliate marketing space, both Semrush and Hubsport offer two of the best programs around. Each program offers distinct benefits, and it’s ultimately going to come down to your preference and target audience. 

The HubSpot Affiliate Program’s most compelling features are its 180-day cookie lifespan and recurring commission terms. The program is best for SaaS reviewers, content creators, digital educators and product integrators. 

The Semrush Affiliate Program’s most appealing features are its 120-day cookie lifespan, quarterly bonuses, loyalty system, and $200 per referral commission rates. The program is best for digital marketers, SEO agencies, consultants, speakers, and educators. 

Both programs provide comprehensive support and a range of high-quality promotional materials to make referrals easier to secure. No matter which route you choose to go, the earning potential is high. 

Final word

The B2B affiliate marketing space offers unique opportunities for digital marketers, creators, educators, professionals and businesses. No matter which route you choose to go down, the profits are potentially lucrative and the cookie lifespans are far more generous than the B2C space. 

The rapidly evolving landscape also presents a powerful opportunity for mutual growth, as marketers can boost their image and gain access to robust marketing and SEO tools through partnering with respected B2B platforms. 

With an ever-growing list of promotional tools to help you out, the time to enter the B2B affiliate marketing ecosystem is now, and Hubspot and Semrush are both strong choices. 

If you’re looking to review and compare different affiliate programs, check out The Affiliate Monkey. We’ve gathered the best affiliate marketing programs around to make it easy for you to compare and make the right choice. 

Have you ever been part of an affiliate program? Leave a comment and let us know about your experience below! 

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