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Top 3 Best Leveraged Crypto Trading Affiliate Programs

Crypto has taken the world by storm and the technology is being adopted even faster than the internet was adopted. One of the main focuses for people to use crypto is to trade it for profit. The crypto markets are known for their volatility, big price swings.

On any given day, it is not uncommon for cryptocurrency prices to rise or decline by more than 5%. Good traders have learned to take advantage of volatile markets like crypto and can make money whether the crypto prices are declining or rising.

The high leverage offered by many exchanges, enables trading on short timeframes or bigger risk reward trades on longer timeframes. Not that the crypto markets are regulated differently in different countries. For instance, in the US most exchanges do not offer trading with leverage. In most other countries, however, leverage is available.

The most popular crypto instruments with leverage are probably the perpetuals. These are called perpetual futures, perpetual swaps, and sometimes just perpetuals. Perpetuals, like the name suggests, do not expire like regular futures do. Making trading them a bit more straightforward.

Top crypto exchanges offer around 100x leverage for its Ethereum and Bitcoin perpetuals and less for smaller cryptos.

Crypto affiliate programs are really hot and plentiful these days. The affiliate programs are not created equal though. Some offer great commissions while other programs leave much to be desired.

I’ve gone through and signed up for the affiliate programs for the top 20+ crypto exchanges that offer leveraged trading. In this article, I’ll share the top 3 best of those so you can get oriented about which programs are worth your time quickly.


Commission: 25% – 30% revenue share. 0% – 10% 2-tier commission

The affiliate program offered by Bybit is great. Bybit is also one of the largest crypto exchanges with over 30 million monthly visitors and it has a 10/10 CoinGecko TrustScore, so you can feel good by sending your traffic their way.

Not only does Bybit offer 25% – 30% commission on the first tier, they do also pay up to 10% on the second tier.

Bybit offers crypto trading with lots of perpetual futures with up to 100x leverage, leveraged tokens, spot margin, in addition to options for BTC, ETH, and SOL.

There’s also great copy-trading features available at this exchange, with lots of information about not only the traders you can follow, but also statistics showing how well actual followers have done it by copying the traders. In addition, there are plenty of statistics for each trader and their trades. At the time of writing this, the copy-trading features are only available for futures, derivatives. Spot copy-trading is coming soon though.

One of the biggest reasons for why I think this is the best crypto affiliate program at the moment is that they offer lifetime revenue. So, sending traffic their way is kind of like rolling a snowball on the snow, in that it gets bigger and bigger gradually.

A bit of a drawback to this affiliate program, is that it is lacking in banners. There’s just a few logo images and a couple of banners available in the affiliate dashboard.


Commission: Up to 55% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission

Another great crypto affiliate program is the one offered by the KuCoin exchange. When you join KuCoin, you’ll instantly have access to promote them with the referral program.

KuCoin has also gotten a 10/10 CoinGecko TrustScore, and its popularity is similar to that of Bybit. KuCoin has also gotten great reviews for their mobile apps in the PlayStore and in the AppStore.

One of the great things about the KuCoin affiliate program is that you get to choose a trading fee discount for the people you refer. You can use this to entice more signups via your referral code and give people a reason to join as your referral.

You can choose to give your referrals between 0% and 20% discount on their trading fees. Note that the discount comes out of your profit. You can create multiple referral links with different commission/discount rates.


Commission: 20% – 50% revenue share

Binance is by far the most popular crypto exchange. At least when it comes to spot trading, CoinGecko statistics shows that it is almost 10 times larger than the number two exchange. When it comes to derivatives, Binance’s lead is not that huge though.

Not only is Binance popular, it also has gotten great reviews on the AppStore and the PlayStore, in addition to a 10/10 CoinGecko TrustScore.

and they do also have a good affiliate program. You can earn up to 50% revenue share for spot trading, 30% for their futures products, 30% Binance pool commission, 20% NFT commission, and more.

When I spoke to a Bianance affiliate representative, I was told that they paid lifetime recurring commissions for spot trading. But, unfortunately not for leveraged derivatives trading. For leveraged derivatives, they only pay affiliates for a year.

To entice signups, Binance affiliates get to give away $50 new-signup bonus packages.

About the Author

This post was written by Aleksander Blomquist, CEO of Alexiuz. Alexiuz is a web development company that owns and operates several crypto-related websites. Aleksander Blomquist has done a lot of research into crypto affiliate programs when working on Otrai, which is a website that ranks the top crypto exchanges for trading each of the top #200 cryptocurrencies.

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