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Ultimate Guide to Best Affiliate Travel Programs

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash, or could even be your next business venture. We’ve all probably used a travel affiliate in the past, perhaps without realising it!

Travel affiliates work to serve both travel firms and those who are interested in booking travel. In this scheme, travel companies will provide commission or referral fees to affiliates who will get new customers to buy their products. In the case of a travel affiliate, you may be promoting flights, hotels, transport, and plenty more.  

How you get customers to buy your products is completely up to you. The most common methods of travel affiliate marketing include websites, social media, blogs or email marketing. By placing affiliate links on your chosen platform you’ll be able to earn money every time someone clicks and orders from the travel affiliate through your platform. The more clicks, the more money you make!

Further down the line, you may also choose to negotiate with travel affiliates to increase and improve your deals. In short, everyone wins!

Criteria for Selecting the Best Travel Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of factors which can help to separate the best travel affiliate programs, each with different importance to each individual. We’ve outlined a few of the most principal aspects to analyse when choosing your affiliate program.

  • Commission Rates and Structure: Some programs will pay higher commissions than others, and will have different payment schemes. Whether you’re looking to earn the big bucks or promote smaller products with more clicks, there will be plenty of different types to choose from.
  • Travel Products Available: Whether it’s flights, hotels, package deals, or simple excursions, there will be different types of products on each affiliate program.
  • Reputation and Credibility: There are some big names on display in the travel world, with plenty of renowned and trusted brands available to partner with. It’s important to side with an affiliate program that is legitimate and trusted.

Whilst there are many more aspects to consider, we feel these serve as the most important to take note of when choosing your chosen program.

Top Travel Affiliate Programs to Consider

Given the popularity of travel worldwide, you won’t be unsurprised to know that there are plenty of travel affiliate programs competing for your business. Each comes with its own perks and differences, and there truly is no single best travel affiliate program. We’ve highlighted a number of the very best, to help aid you in your search.

Kayak Affiliate Program Review

With a name fit for a travel affiliate, Kayak helps travelers find the best deals on flights, hotels and plenty more. A subsidiary of Booking.com, they were launched in 2004 and deal with travel plans to nearly 40 countries. With some neat revenue share plans and competitive cost per clicks, they are for sure one of the best travel affiliate programs to go for.

Expedia Partner Program Review

If you’ve looked to go on holiday before, you most likely will have stumbled across Expedia. One of the powerhouses of the online travel world, they see well over 60 million users a month, showing their popularity. Specialising on package holiday deals, flights, and hotels, there are more than 400 airlines on display as well as more than a quarter of a million properties. Their best aspect is the 10% revenue share, which is one of the highest in the affiliate travel industry. It’s great to see such a big name in the travel world open doors to affiliates, and we’d suggest hopping on board the Expedia journey.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program Review

Notoriously known for their reviews, you may be surprised to hear that TripAdvisor boasts an impressive affiliate program. Their affiliate scheme is available through a number of platforms, offering competitive revenue share deals on a great range of flights and accommodation. If you’re looking for a big name to partner with, then this is your first port of call.

Tips for Maximising Earnings with Travel Affiliate Programs

There’s a lot to consider when aiming to boost your income from travel affiliates, but we’ve picked out a select few tips to focus on when working with travel affiliate programs.

Look for High Commission Rates

To maximise your earnings with travel affiliate programs, focus on partnering with companies that offer high commission rates. We’d suggest picking out the affiliate programs that provide generous payouts for the products or services you promote. The theory is simple, the higher the commission rate, the more money you make!

The biggest travel affiliates may not always pay the most, so it’s important to compare and contract commission structures across different programs. Whilst it shouldn’t be your first priority, it may be a good start to choose a travel affiliate program that offers competitive rates whilst holding a strong reputation

Additionally, consider seasonal promotions or limited-time offers that can boost your commission earnings during peak travel periods. This is especially important around the busy summer months, where people will be looking for travel packages and excursions.

Optimise Your Content

Whether you’re working on a website, a social media platform or a simple blog, it’s necessary to Invest in creating high-quality content that will resonate with your target audience.

Ensure your content is clear for your audience to understand, with your affiliate links almost unavoidable. Engaging your audience with visually appealing images, personalised touches and some exciting themes can go a long way to earning commission.

Consider collaborating with influencers or creating partnerships with other content creators to expand your reach, as this is a quick and easy way to direct people to your site.

Analyse the Competition

Travel affiliates have been around for a very long time, so there’s plenty of competition. This may not be what you’re wanting to hear, but it’s not necessarily a bad idea.

Check out what your soon to be competitors are doing, and you could even adapt some of their ideas for your personal gain. If you’re working on a website or blog, using SEO tools to analyse what your competitors are doing is a great way to boost your results.

It’s important to regularly keep an eye on these, as there are constant changes and adaptations made to ensure websites are appearing at the top of search engine results pages. Remember, it’s not always about who did it first, but it’s about who did it right.

Case Studies: Successful Travel Affiliates

As mentioned as one of our key tips to becoming a successful travel affiliate, we’ve highlighted a few of the very best, if you hadn’t heard of them before.


Booking.com is a popular online travel agency that offers an affiliate program allowing website owners and content creators to earn commissions by promoting hotel bookings, flights, car rentals, and more. The program’s success is attributed to its extensive inventory, user-friendly platform, and competitive commission rates.


Agoda is a leading online travel agency focused on offering accommodation bookings. Their affiliate program offers partners the opportunity to earn commissions on hotel bookings made through their referral links. Agoda’s success is attributed to its strong presence in the Asian market and competitive pricing.


Skyscanner, a popular travel comparison site, offers a robust Travel API that allows affiliates to integrate flight search functionality into their websites or applications. By offering users the ability to compare flight prices across various airlines, Skyscanner’s affiliate program has gained widespread popularity.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing in the travel world presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals looking to earn extra income or venture into a new world altogether! Picking the right travel affiliate program can be a daunting prospect, but they really do have your best interests at heart. Whilst choosing a program is important, much of the success will depend on your affiliate marketing platform.

Taking time to select the right affiliate program for you, whilst implementing effective marketing strategies and monitoring and adapting to the market, you will be able to enjoy a lucrative travel affiliate marketing journey.

Ultimate Guide to Best Affiliate Travel Programs FAQ’s

What are the best travel affiliate programs?

Some of the best travel affiliate programs include Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Agoda, and Airbnb. These programs offer a wide range of travel products and services, ensuring a higher chance of earning commissions.

How does the Expedia affiliate program work?

The Expedia affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by promoting their travel products on your website. By integrating their search box, banners, or deep links, you can direct your audience to Expedia’s website. If a user makes a booking through your referral, you earn a commission on the sale.

Which travel affiliate programs offer the highest payouts?

When it comes to high-paying travel affiliate programs, Booking.com, Expedia, and Agoda are known for their competitive commission rates. These programs often offer attractive payouts, making them popular choices among affiliate marketers.

Are there specific affiliate programs for travel bloggers?

Yes, there are several affiliate programs specifically designed for travel bloggers. Some notable options include the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program, Airbnb Affiliate Program, and the Lonely Planet Affiliate Program. These programs cater to the needs of travel bloggers and offer various tools and resources to help them succeed.

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