Affiliate Programs & Monthly bonuses

Monthly bonuses are a scheme that some companies offer to attract new and high flying affiliates. It’s essentially a cash incentive for the best-performing affiliates that are paid monthly or quarterly and can amount to thousands of extra pounds. We’ve made a resource about Affiliate Programs & Monthly bonuses.

The highest paying monthly affiliate bonuses can be found within the trading sector. Of the companies we have listed, two of them offer the scheme, Axitrader and Trading 212. If you like you can compare them here. Let’s look at trading 212 first, the well know trading platform offer a bonus based on the number of new accounts you sign up per month. For 26 to 50 clients you’ll receive an extra £2500 per month. If you think that sounds good then wait until you sign up over 50 clients, you’ll then receive an extra £30,000 per quarter! That means if you sign up 50+ clients every month or a year, you’ll have netted yourself a cool £120,000! That’s on top of the money you would have already made from your affiliate link.

Affiliate Programs & Monthly bonuses

Similarly, Avitrader offers monthly bonuses of $2,100 when you sign up between 21 and 50 new clients per month. This increases to $7,500 per month for 50+ clients. Based on these numbers alone we’d say that Trading 212 is the better option. However, there are platform functionalities to consider, like how Avitrader offers spread betting, barriers & options. 

For more tips, visit our homepage and compare hundreds of affiliate programs and see which affiliate program fits you best.

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