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Amazon Associates: Is it a good affiliate marketing program?

Amazon’s affiliate program, also called “Amazon Associates” is probably the most common way used to monetize websites and blogs. Sign up is simple and easy, and you can start earning your commission straight away.

What is the Amazon Associates Affiliate Programme?

The Amazon affiliate programme or Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program for online bloggers and influencers to advertise products from Amazon linking them on their pages. Then when a customer clicks the link and buys a product from Amazon they earn commission or referral fee.

Amazon Associates Guidelines and Requirements

In order to participate in the Amazon Associates Programme you must adhere to the following guidelines or risk being banned from the programme:

  • You must disclose you earn commission on your links
  • You must not make any false or otherwise deceptive claims about your recommended products
  • Your links should not be used in offline material such as eBooks or emails.
  • Your links should not be masked or otherwise shortened by a url shortener or webpage redirect.

Amazon’s full policy is available here.

How much commission can I earn using Amazon Associates?

Commission varies widely from as high as 10% to as low as 1% depending on the item. You can check each item’s commission in the dashboard. Do note that commission percentages can change so it’s worth checking them once in a while to keep up to date.

Overall, Amazons marketing programme is great to use due to the sheer number of products it stocks meaning it will suit all kinds of blogs and influencers, however the commission/revenue on some items is as low as 1% so making a considerable amount of money would need to you to be driving serious traffic.

If you would like to learn more about Amazon Associates click here to go to the Amazon marketing programme website.

For more tips, visit our homepage and compare hundreds of affiliate programs and see which affiliate program fits you best.

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