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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make Money

Working online gives you a wide array of options in terms of diversifying your income. We wanted to look at the best affiliate marketing programs to make money in 2023. You do not have to stick to the same project or wait for your blog or website advertising revenue. You can try affiliate marketing and make money quickly. This is because you do not have to deliver, produce or work on something to earn some money from it. However, it is not as simple as one would think. You must be strategic to make an earning.

What is affiliate marketing?

To understand how to make money with affiliate marketing, here is an analogy you can use. For instance, you love a specific TV show. So you refer the TV show to your friend who watches it and ends up recommending it to other friends. This way, you have increased the viewership of the show. This is how affiliate marketing works with the perk that you might make some money from it.

If you want to start affiliate marketing, you need to sign up with a company (in-house affiliates) or networks. A network is usually a company that hosts multiple offers from different businesses to sell products or services. Once you have signed up, you get an affiliate ID. You need to add that to the product link, and once the user completes particular action like clicking on a link or buying something, the process is complete. You earn a commission for this.

How to pick the Best Marketing Affiliate Program?

Do your research

It is essential to invest in a niche you are well familiar with to profit from affiliate marketing. Researching some of the affiliate marketing products is one of the ways you can achieve this. You can do this by reading what different marketing, SEO experts, and top affiliate marketers say regarding a particular product. In addition, you can check some of the reviews online by people who have used these products and find out whether they are beneficial to customers. You can also go online and check some of the programs.

Commission levels and earning per click

Picking the right affiliate network or company is likely to guarantee you a higher return. However, you have to be keen when looking at some of the commissions. If a company offers a higher commission, it does not necessarily mean an excellent opportunity. The products may not be high selling, so you may have a hard time getting a commission.

Check the competition

Sometimes it is good to diversify your programs for your audience and give them a wide array of options when they visit your site. An excellent way to do that is to check other affiliate programs in your niche and see what they offer.

High-quality products

Just like any other field, the quality of products is key in affiliate marketing. When doing your research, you see a product with high returns. However, it might not be a good sign. High-quality products will attract more customers for you, and you will be able to expand your business.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

With that in mind, here are some of the best affiliate marketing products you can find:

1.   Trading 212

Trading 212 is one of the best trading affiliate marketing programs in the country. Founded in 2006 and based in London, the company prides itself on providing business solutions in sectors such as CFDs, Investments, and ISAs. Their cost per action (CPA) is $1000 and is regulated by the FCA, giving it credibility. Their program is run in-house, and it has a unique and simple user interface for potential affiliate marketers.

2.   Coin Base

Coinbase is one of the best places to trade cryptocurrency. It is fully operational in more than 100 countries and has more than 35 million users. Its affiliate program is run in-house through a referral program. When you register, you get a referral link that you can use to invite as many people as possible. Once they join using the link, you get $10 in Bitcoin. However, for you to get the $10, the user must purchase cryptocurrencies worth around $100 or more. It also has a large window as the link expires after 180 days.

3.   Max Partners

Max Partners is an affiliate program that belongs to Maxcazino, a company that deals with tables, slot games, and casinos. The commissions for affiliate marketers are usually on a First Time Deposit (FTD) basis, and the structure is as follows:

·        0-5 FTD- 25%

·        6-15 FTD- 30%

·        16-30 FTD-35%

·        31-50 FTD-40%

·        51 FTD and above- 45%

In addition, they have a wide array of payment options such as Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Neosurf. However, it is restricted to countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and France.

4.   Amazon

Founded in the late 90s, Amazon prides itself as a pioneer in the E-commerce sector. Its affiliate program is in-house and usually allows its affiliates to use the eCommerce site to monetize their content. The revenue share is generally based on the industry or niche you are interested in. For example, sectors like fashion offer high commissions (12%). The handmade items earn you 10%, and home items such as furniture give a return of 9% in commission. You can find a link here.

5.   Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is one of the best VPN businesses in the world. It is widely popular and is used in Play Stations and smart TVs. They began their affiliate program in 2015 with a cost-per-action model, which generated around 100% in returns on sign-up. This roughly translates to approximately 10.89 Euros. However, they do not share their revenue model publicly, making it difficult to validate the figures.

6.   Expedia

Expedia prides itself on being one of the largest travel companies in the world. It has 60 million users and boasts of around 200,000 properties and 400 airlines. Their affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate, and they have a 30-day cookie window with a revenue share of 10%.

7.   Dress Lilly Fashion Affiliate

Dress Lilly is one of the best companies in fashion, clothing, and accessories for men and women. Its affiliate program is run through FirstGrabber and has a cookie lifespan of 60 days. The revenue share is 16% for new customers and 8% for old customers. However, as the program uses FirstGrabber, some of the options are limited.

8.   Hussle

Hussle is an online marketplace that started in 2010. It is a service that allows you to find a gym or fitness center in your area. Hussle launched its affiliate program on the network Awin. The service offers an 18% revenue share and has a 30-day cookie lifespan. However, it has limited withdrawal systems as you can only withdraw using a banking option only.

9.   Awin

Awin is an affiliate marketing program with over 13000 advertisers. The Affiliate Network offers a wide range of sectors spanning Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Retail, and Travel. It is born out of a merger between Awin and Affilinet. Started in 2019, it is considered a younger product compared to other affiliate programs. This makes some SEO marketers hesitant to invest.


Getting into affiliate marketing is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself and your business. It is an excellent way to diversify your revenue regardless of the field you plan to enter. But, first, you need to be careful when picking a program.

What are some of the best programs you have ever used? Please share with us in the comments section. If you want to view more of the best “Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make Money”, visit our homepage and start comparing hundreds of affiliate programs.

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