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21 Best Gambling Affiliate Programs 2024

In 2019 the global online gambling market size was valued at over 53 billion US dollars. As you can see from the graph below, the growth rate is expected to be over 11% a year until 2027 (and probably beyond). 

This has been driven in no small part by the explosion of the digital world including more accessible platforms on mobile and app. Furthermore, societal changes and views on gambling, as well as lessening government control across the globe has boosted growth. 

There has never been a better time to become a gambling affiliate. Especially with the increased accessibility for content creators to promote brands.

There is an ever growing demand for new gambling content, which gives content creators the opportunity to grow their business. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch now have dedicated pages for gambling slots and poker

Whether you’re a digital content creator, reviewer or just wanting to understand more about the best gambling affiliate programs then welcome. There are going to be some terms in this article that we go into more detail about in other articles. If you’re not sure about the difference between direct and network, or how you get paid, or you just want to know some of the terms used here, then feel free to come back to this article afterwards. 

We’ve discussed before that the ‘best’ gambling affiliate programs may mean different things to different people. I’m going to highlight the key areas you’ll want to look out for when deciding what the best gambling affiliate program is (in no particular order):

1. Network vs Direct

We’ve written a whole article on the difference between networks and direct clients before so I’ll try and summarise. Essentially, any company that offers an affiliate program has a decision to make. They can either run the program themselves or hire an external company (network). There are hundreds of different affiliate networks across the world but the main ones are Awin, CJ Affiliate and Rakuten. 

The reason it’s important is that you’ll receive different benefits depending on which path you choose. If you decide to go directly to the client (if that’s even possible) then you’ll often get a more tailored and personal experience. When I was starting out as an affiliate I ran with Football Index and my account manager would send me the latest display formats before they became public. This was a great way to stay ahead of the other forex affiliates. 

In contrast, you may feel like you’re a small cog in the machine if you join a network. Though don’t think for one second you’re not going to receive good service. Some of the best affiliate networks like Awin have fantastic customer service and up to date user software to help you track conversions. The biggest benefit is that you can choose from a wide range of brands so if one of them fails or isn’t performing very well no problem, just switch to another. 

2. Revenue Share vs Cost per Acquisition

At the risk of repeating myself we have already written an article on the difference between revenue share and CPA. In short (promise) revenue share is when you share a percentage of the money spent by the affiliate/s you sign up to the program. This is over the lifetime of the account as well so it could be a very lucrative option if you sign up a lot of people or hook yourself a whale. I spoke with one of the account teams within a popular gambling affiliate network and he was saying that one of their affiliates players had spent over £50k that month alone and he was on a 15% revenue share model- bully for him! The only downside is if you want cash straight away then you don’t want to be waiting around for your players to spend money which they might never do.

If this is you then CPA is your best bet. This means you’ll receive a flat fee for every new player you sign up. typically the price increases the more clients you bring on and it could be a large lump sum in some cases ($200). Gambling brands unfortunately don’t often offer CPA.

3. Cookie Lifespan

What’s the point of getting all those clicks if it’s not being tracked? That’s where the cookie comes in and why cookie lifespan is so important. You don’t need to know the technical stuff behind a cookie, just remember this quote:

The longer the cookie, the better

-The Affiliate Monkey

Now let’s look at the best 19 gambling affiliate programs.


CPAYes (unknown)
Revenue Share30%
Cookie Lifespan45 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Betfair online offers the largest betting exchange in the world, this basically means users can act as bookies as well as betters. They also offer online casino, poker, bingo and sportsbook. Within Betfair partnerships you’ll have access to 95 brands and a good selection of formats: 


They offer CPA, Revenue share and a hybrid model within their affiliate program, though we’re not sure what the CPA rates are (as it changes account to account), feel free to leave your CPA in the comments below!

They pay their affiliates via Bank (wire) Transfer, Skrill and Neteller and payments are made when you have at least £50 in your account. 


Betsson affiliates

Betsson affiliates have plenty of well know brands under management including bet safe, Nordic bet, betsson and more. These brands cover gambling, Sportsbet, Casino and poker so theres plenty to choose from.

They standardise commission across the network which gives you an impressive 40% which is high for the industry.


CategoriesCasino, Bingo, Sport, Games
NetworkDirect, Awin (888 casino) & Gambling Affiliation (888 Poker Online)
CPAYes – Between $65-$100
Revenue Share80%
Cookie Lifespan15 days
Monthly BonusesPossibly direct

888 is one of the world’s most recognised gambling brands. They offer casino, bingo, sports and games. They offer one of the industries only CPA programs and it’s quite generous depending on which company you choose.

You have three options, 888 direct, where you’ll receive a $65 CPA and a revenue share model of up to 40%. If you pick Gambling Affiliation, then you’ll get a higher CPA of $135, but no revenue share. Lastly, there’s Awin, who are a fantastic network but only offer £50 CPA and no revenue share. Our advice is to go direct, even though the 888 affiliate website feels very old. 

Furthermore, you’ll have access to 22 other brands when you go direct. We asked them if they offer bonuses as well and they said:

It’s not something we do with every single affiliate, but it’s something we could definitely consider in case the affiliate really deserves it and bring us good traffic

They also offer a hybrid model as well so you can choose a weighting between CPA and revenue share. The only downside is that their cookie lifespan is 15 days which is low for the industry.

Don’t rule out Gambling Affiliation though, we asked them the same question and they had this to say:

What we can have is special promotion done by given operators who want to push their results with our affiliates (for ex. 500 EUR for all affiliates generating over 20 FDT during a given month)


CategoriesCasino, Bingo, Sport, Games
CPAMaybe – speak to your account manager
Revenue Share20% (up to 40%)
Cookie LifespanSession based
Monthly BonusesPossibly (speak to account manager)

Betway is another world leading gambling brands that operates its affiliate program in seven countries. The brand offers sportsbook, casino, bingo and e-sports. 

The pros of the Betway gambling affiliate program are that they run their own affiliate program (more personal experience) and offer a competitive revenue share model, which starts at 20% but goes up to 40% if you bring on more that 101 clients a month. We also reached out and asked them about monthly bonuses and they had this to say:

“yes we do create exclusive promotions for affiliates sometimes but it varies on the market/affiliate so I can not really go into more detail as it’s case by case”

If you get accepted then definitely reach out and find out. It would be great to hear in the comments if you were able to secure a special bonus structure. We’re not sure if they have a CPA structure in place as they don’t advertise for it so it’s worth speaking to your account manager when you sign up

The downside of the Betway gambling affiliate program is that you only have access to one brand (Betway) so there is no opportunity to switch to a new campaign if this one isn’t going well for you. Furthermore, their cookies are all sessions based. This means that you’ll only get the referral if the user signs up in the same session that they clicked the advert. This is a major flaw and in direct contrast to the rest of the gambling affiliate programs who offer 30 to 45 day cookie windows. 

Vortex Alpha

Vortex Alpha is a UK based affiliate marketing network. They also have a global reach with 1000s of publishers and affiliates operating in Europe, Australia, United States and Canada. They offer a dedicated account management team, so you’ll always receive the best service – and they work tirelessly to generate more revenue for you through affiliate commissions, brand exposure, and increasing your conversion rates. Best of all is their modern and easy to use tracking platform that accurately monitors your conversions giving you the opportunity to measure campaign effectiveness.

Vortex Alpha services has some of the highest paying offers in the industry and they can pay your affiliate revenue weekly. If you aren’t already an affiliate, sign up today!


CategoriesCasino, Bingo, Sport
CPAMaybe – speak to your account manager
Revenue Share20% (up to 45%)
Cookie LifespanSession based
Monthly BonusesPossibly (speak to account manager)

Paddypower is an Irish bookmaker owned by Flutter Entertainment PLC (one of the world’s top ten largest gambling corporations). They operate hundreds of betting shops in Ireland and the UK and also have a successful online platform that provides sportsbook, bingo and fantasy (whatever that is). 

They operate their own affiliate program called Paddypower Partners. It offers affiliates up to 45% revenue share for the following products:

20% and 30% for poker

25% for the sportsbook

35% for bingo

Between 25% and 45% for games

It doesn’t look like they offer a CPA option, but maybe speak to your account manager when you sign up as these gambling brands are often happy to negotiate. Their bank options for payment methods are bank wire transfer (not including money transfer services/applications), Neteller and Skrill. 

Just like Betway, their cookies are session based (yuck!)- if it wasn’t for the strong brand affinity in the UK then this would be one to avoid. 

William Hill

CategoriesCasino, Bingo, Sport
CPAMaybe – speak to your account manager
Revenue ShareUp to 30%
Cookie Lifespan3 days
Monthly BonusesNo

William Hill is a beloved UK gambling provider that sits within the FTSE 250. They also run their online services in Spain and Italy. They offer Sportsbook, Gaming, Bingo and Casino. 

They run their own affiliate program and offer a tiered system depending on what part of the business you are promoting:

30% – Sports, Casino, Vegas, Games;

15% – Bingo, Poker, Live Casino (and all others)

They have a 72 hour cookie lifespan which is certainly better than session based but still falls well below industry standard. Their creative builds come in Javascript, iFrame and HTML5, so there are plenty of options for promotion. 

We’re not sure if they offer a CPA program so you will need to ask your account manager. We can say that they pay affiliates within 30 days so long as you have $55 in your account (for Ecopayz, Skrill, PayPal, Netelle) or £200/€200 for bank wire transfers.

Bet 365

CategoriesCasino, Bingo, Sport, e-games
Revenue Share30%
Cookie Lifespan45 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Another British gambling company (we seem to love gambling). They offer sportsbook, casino, bingo and e-games. They strike a great balance for their revenue share at 30% which will be great for beginners but is also competitive if you grow your account base. If you’re looking for the highest revenue share affiliate programs though, look elsewhere. 

To be eligible for payouts you have to have at least £50 in your affiliate account and they pay via- bank wire transfer, check, or your personal Bet356 account (we definitely wouldn’t recommend this). You must have a minimum of 5 active referred Customers before you will be eligible for referral commission payment

Not much more to say about bet365 They have a popular brand, especially in the UK and offer a 45 day cookie lifespan. Unfortunately they don’t offer CPA which would have been nice to see.

Max Partners

Revenue ShareFrom 25% to 45%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Max partners is the affiliate program representing Maxcazino. They offer no negative carryover and pay commission by the 1st of every month. They offer slots, table games and live casinos. They have a 30 day cookie lifespan which is standard for the industry and pay a lifetime revenue share of up to 50%. If you’re a fan of CPA deals then you need to speak to the account manager but they should be able to set one up, the price will depend on what country you’re in. This means that they also offer a Hybrid program as well.


CategoriesCasino, Bingo, Sport, e-games
Revenue ShareFrom 10% to 35%
Cookie LifespanUnknown
Monthly BonusesNo

You will definitely have heard of pokerstars. They are the world’s foremost promoter of poker and run the largest online poker site. They have numerous poker competitions and events throughout the year. 

They run their own affiliate program through the Stars Affiliate Club and offer a tiered revenue share based on the number of players you bring on:

Real money playersYou get

We also asked them about CPA and they had this to say:

‘If you wish to receive CPA commission, we will agree this with you prior to our acceptance of your Application Form and include it in the acceptance confirmation that we send to you’

Not only are they a globally recognised brand, they also offer 21 formats for you to choose from to promote their games. They may even offer a hybrid account but you’ll need to square thet with your account manager. Their other brands include; Pokerstars Casino, Pokerstars Sports, Sky Bet and Full Tilt. 


CategoriesCasino, Poker, Sport
Revenue ShareFrom 20% to 35%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Betsson is a Sweedish gambling company that operates in 15 countries. They are one of Europe’s largest gamblong brands and run their own affiliate programs as well as 15 other brands including Betsafe and Nordic Bet.

They offer a tiered revenue share model which rewards you based on the amount of money your clients spend, so it’s not about the number of clients you bring on:

Monthly player valueRevenue share

Whilst they don’t offer a CPA model, they have a massive creative portfolio of 198 (and counting) formats in HTML and GIF format.

Their cookie window is 30 days and they pay all funds into the affiliate wallet provided your account has €50 or more. From there you can withdraw it as you normally would (bank transfer).


Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your marketing skills and expand your online presence? Look no further! NoviBet gives you the chance to do just that through their affiliate program. NoviBet offers low payout triggers (just 100 euros) ensuring that you can start earning commissions right away.

Let’s see, how the NoviBet affiliate program works:

The Novibet affiliate program runs on a revenue share model. This means that for every player you refer, you will earn a percentage of the net revenue generated. What does this mean? Basically, the more individuals you refer the more money you will make. The best part about the Novibet affiliate program is that affiliates don’t have to stress about their efforts going to waste because the program offers a 30-day cookie lifespan.

The revenue share that the NoviBet affiliate programs offer can reach up to anywhere around 40%. This means that 40% of the profit on every sale you make is yours. Novibet also understands that not every affiliate looking to sign up for their program has the same goals and preferences as the next. To cater for this Novibet also offers an additional model. The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model. For affiliates who prefer this model, you can earn up to 350 euros for each new depositing customer. Who is this best for? If you are looking to excel in driving new sign-ups and first-time depositors this model is for you. The minimum user deposit for the NoviBet affiliate program is only 1 euro making it a whole look easier for you to. attract new sign-ups.

Lastly, with the NoviBet affiliate program, Novibet understands the importance and security when it comes to your affiliate payouts. Commissions through the Novibet affiliate program are paid out through bank transfer, making it a straightforward process for you. In summary, the NoviBet affiliate program is a perfect fit for you. Whether you are interested in content creation, social media marketing, or driving traffic, the NoviBet affiliate program is a good place to start turning your website traffic into a consistent source of revenue. It is particularly appealing to anyone who is interested in promoting online gaming and sports betting services.

CategoriesSportsbook & Casino
CPA350 euros
Revenue ShareUp to 40%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Payout MethodBank Transfer

Mr Green

CategoriesCasino, Poker, Sport
Revenue ShareFrom 25% to 45%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

If you haven’t heard of Mr Green you’re not alone, they’re the smallest gambling company featured in this list and only operate in the UK. Furthermore, it’s one of the news gambling companies, having only been formed in late 2007.

They run their affiliate program through Mr Affiliate (which is their brand) We thought they were worth mentioning because they have a descent revenue share which pays you based on the number of monthly clients:

New depositing playersRevenue share

45% is one of the highest we’ve seen in the industry, especially as you only have to sign up 30+ new players. You need to have at least €100 euros in your account before you can withdraw.

Titan Poker

CategoriesCasino, Poker, Sport
Revenue Share25% to 40%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Titan poker has been around since 2005 and is still one of the top online poker brands however, numbers seem to be on the decline. The company leaves its gambling affiliate program to Europartners who also operate 7 other brands across Europe. 

They offer an incredible 50% revenue share to their affiliates for the first three months which is the best revenue share model we could find in the gambling affiliate landscape. Annoyingly, they also charge a ‘processing fee’ of 4% on all players’ deposits and withdrawals, and will be deducted from the calculations of your revenue commission. After the initial 3 months, the commission drops to a tiered system depending on how many affiliates you bring on.

Number of PlayersPokerSportsCasinoSide Games
201 +Please contact your Account Manager20%

Payments are issued by the 15th of each month, provided the amount payable to you is not less than $250 and will be made via bank transfer. 

Kindred Group

Kindred Group is the 12th largest gambling company in the world with 9 gambling brands under their portfolio of companies including; 32Red, bingo.com, Casinohuone, kolikkopelit, mariacasino, storspiller, vladcazino, ottokasino. The company we’ve included in our affiliate directory in Unibet.


CategoriesCasino, Poker, Sport
NetworkKindred Affiliates*
CPAMaybe (Speak to your account manager)
Revenue Share25% to 40%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Unibet is another European sportsbook site that also operates in over 100 different countries. They currently have over 11 million customers.

The affiliate program used to be called Unibet affiliates until it changed to Kindred Affiliates which overlooks the gambling affiliate program for all of the brands withing the group. They offer a tiered revenue share model depending on how the value of your contributing players (like Betsson):

Player ValueYou Get

Your account has to reach €100 euros before you can withdraw and they’ll pay you via bank transfer. In the T&C’s it says that they do have an option to pay on a different type of Reward Plan, (including but not limited to Cost Per Acquisition, ‘CPA’), but you have to agree to a special deal with them, so speak to your account manager.

Entain Partners

Here come the big guns- Entain are the 2nd largest gambling company in the world, and own several brands which you will definitely have heard of. They had a rebranding last year, changing from GVC to Entain. Honestly, we’re indifferent about the name change but whatever. Here’s the lists of gambling affiliate programs that fall under their massive wing.

Firstly, there are a few that exclusively run through Entain, and our worth mentioning, though we won’t go into too much detail because the affiliate conditions, payouts and cookie lifespans are all the same.  These brands are:

We reached out to Entain about CPA deals and this is what they had to say:

We don’t offer CPA deals default. We set such deals for the proven traffic depending on the quality and quantity of the traffic

If you show commitment with them and continued revenue streams, they may consider it. 

CategoriesCasino, Poker, Sportsbook, Gaming, Bingo
NetworkEntain Partners
CPAMaybe (after proven track record)
Revenue ShareFrom 25% to 35%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Sporting Bet

CategoriesCasino, Sportsbook
NetworkDirect (but owned by Entain)
Revenue Share10% to 20%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

Ok, so Sporting Bet still run their own affiliate program, though they are still owned by Entain, so don’t be surprised if that changes in the next few years. 

They offer a flat revenue share model of 25% for each affiliate you bring on. This is an average starting revenue share, but pales in comparison to what other companies are offering if you start bringing on more clients. This is only for casino as well, for sportsbook it’s worse, at just 10%.


CategoriesCasino, Sportsbook
NetworkDirect (but owned by Entain)
Revenue Share10% to 20%
Cookie Lifespan30 days
Monthly BonusesNo

If you live in the UK you would have heard of Coral. They are one of the UK’s leading high street gambling brands. They are most well know for their sportsbook offering but their online site now offers a wide range of games and casino offerings.

All of the companies that fall under Entain directly offer the same revenue share model which increases as you bring on more clients:

They have this to say about CPA plans:

“CPA Plans are available on request. Contact your Account Manager for more details. RMPs referred through the CPA Plan will not count for purposes of calculating your revenue under the Revenue Share Plan”

You need to have £100 in your account before you can withdraw funds, if not the’ll roll it over to the next month. 


Bwin also run their affiliate program through Gamblin Affiliation (just their sportsbook though). You’ll receive a much higher earning potential if you sign up with Entain though as GA only offers 25% revenue share. Entertain offers up to 35%. The tier is as follows:

You GetYou Sign Up

*Kindred and Entain aren’t, technically speaking, networks like Awin or CJ Affiliate, because they actually own the brands. 

5k Betting System

Categories: Sports Betting, Casino

Cookie Lifespan: 60 days

This betting company gives you accessibility to carefully selected and recommended football fixtures to bet on for that day. They send in these recommendations by email hours before the fixtures are due. An email address and a minimum of £100 is all you need to become an active member of this site. 

Their affiliate program offers a generous commission rate of 50% per sale. This is equivalent to $20+ for each active customer an affiliate brings. 

The downside of this system is that the publisher is yet to create a separate page for the affiliate partners. 


1XBET, a renowned online gaming platform, has garnered a global user base by offering a wide array of betting options and casino games. It has become a trusted name in the industry, providing an exceptional gaming experience to millions of players worldwide.

At 1XBET, players can explore a diverse range of sports betting opportunities, featuring popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and more. The platform also boasts an extensive collection of virtual games, slots, and live casino games, ensuring endless entertainment for players of all preferences.

Beyond its gaming services, 1XBET extends an enticing affiliate program to individuals and businesses seeking to monetize their online presence. The 1XBET Affiliate Program presents a lucrative chance for affiliates to earn substantial commissions by promoting the platform to their audience. Affiliates can enjoy a transparent and reliable tracking system, ensuring accurate commission calculations.

Notably, the program offers a generous commission rate of 40% per sale, providing affiliates with a substantial income opportunity. Furthermore, the 1XBET Affiliate Program offers a 30-day cookie lifespan, allowing affiliates to earn commissions even after a user’s initial visit.

In terms of payment methods, 1XBET ensures convenience by offering multiple options, including Bank Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, and Wire Transfer. This flexibility makes it easy for affiliates to receive their earnings in the manner that suits them best.

Mate Affiliates

Mate Affiliates, a prominent iGaming Affiliate Program, is making waves in the industry with a diverse portfolio of 8 cutting-edge casino brands. These brands include Zet Casino, FezBet, Powbet, Casinoly, GreatWin, Oh My Spins, Winota, and the latest sensation, Quickwin. Holding multiple licenses to ensure a secure and seamless gaming experience for players, Mate Affiliates affiliate program has earned the prestigious title of Best Affiliate Program of the Year three times (in 2022 and 2023) and boasts over 10 award nominations.

What sets Mate Affiliates apart from the competition? They offer exclusive bonuses to boost earnings, custom assets designed to captivate audiences, and unmatched flexibility in commission structures. This ensures a mutually beneficial partnership with revenue shares of up to 60%, along with attractive CPAs and fixed fees.

Mate Affiliates offers a wide range of payout methods, including Credit Cards, Sticpay, Mifinity, MuchBetter, PIX, PaySafeCard, AstroPay, Pay4Fun, Interac e-Transfer, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Revolut, Rapid Transfer, EzeeWallet, Crypto, and more.

For those interested, Mate Affiliates operates in the casino category, with a 30-day cookie lifespan, the option for CPA, revenue share, and a payout trigger of €20. They also offer hybrid models, with a maximum gambling revenue share of 60% and a minimum of 35%.


Categories: sportsbooks, casino, eSports

Cookie Lifespan: 30 Days

Revenue share: at least 25%

The Melbet affiliate program offers affiliates up to 40% of the revenue generated. Affiliates get to enjoy instant payments every week (precisely Tuesdays), promotional materials of high quality, and generous bonuses. Melbet permits traffic to be sourced via social media platforms, Display ads, contextual messages, and emails. They prohibit traffic generated via API. Melbet has a huge variety of payment gateways numbering up to 50. The payout trigger is $30. Melbet affiliates enjoy access to a personal account and their personal account manager.


In conclusion one of the most profitable sectors in affiliate marketing are gambling affiliate programs. If you want to compare more affiliate programs visit our homepage.

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